Day 21 of the Shred, Level 3 is here!

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Yes and i thought it would be worst than level 2, but don't worry people is not that bad.

It focuses on the abs a lot more.. I will write more about level 3 tomorrow i am about to collapse.. NIGHT NIGHT... Be ready for the 1st of the Month Shred Challenge tomorrow...

I need time to write about this annoying level!


Day 20 of the Shred, Before and after Pics...

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WOW day 20 is here!!! And that means 2 things, pictures and level 3 begins (yikes)

I am not going to say much but i could done a lot better on level 2 if it wasn't for my right knee

so far i lost
2 inc chest
2 1/2 inc waist

I have not lost much weight because i am building muscles everywhere :) ... This is the first time i weight myself since day 8, because i didn't want to be discouraged. Inches means more than pounds to me. I am able to stand straight because my back is stronger and have a lot more energy. I can do full pushups and my butt is so yea it is.. I LOVE THIS WORKOUT!!! I plan on doing it forever and

Day 5-20

5 days into workout
Day 10
Day 20

Now side Pictures...

5 days into workout
Day 10
Day 20

*NOTE* If i would not hurt my knee on level 2, i believe i would of seen better results, so those who are on their way to level 2, watch out for those knees... try to do all the exercise circuit right. And stretch before and after...

OK so tell me what you think, is it working?


Day 19 of the Shred, I've got a case of

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Runner's high.

I feel so good about working out, i didn't want to stop today. I did level 2 for 20 minutes, then jumped on my elliptical for another 20 minutes, and finally finished with level 1 for another 20. My body is so tight, everything is coming TOGETHER just right. My knee hurts less, and i am determined to finish this 30 day shred with a BANG. I love the combination of level 1 and 2, is a great workout.

This workout is such a great kick off to ultimate weight loss. I think through the whole 30 days you build lots of muscle then the weight starts shredding off by level 2 1/2. I look so different and feel so energized and motivated.

If you have a lot of weight to loose this program will help you start that journey, and motivate you to continue pushing yourself through after the 30 days are done.

Tomorrow is picture day... I will show you guys my progress so far, stay tuned :)


Day 18 of the Shred, small set back

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Guess what!

I had to take yesterday off from the shred (yes i cried, whined, stomped you name it) On Wednesday night, i had some CRAZY pain on BOTH of my knees, and my husband demanded that i let them rest for a day. And of course like a good wife i obeyed *cough* *cough*

I have to admit it was a good call because today i feel a lot better and was able to kick day 18 OUT OF HERE...

For those who are struggling a bit due to knee pain, i suggest one day of rest, pain killers and rubbing ointment like Icy/hot..

20 Days update pics will be posted on Sunday WOOO WHOO (NOT)..


Day 17 of the Shred, One thing on my mind

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weight loss.

I mean, don't get me wrong i plan on having a great Thanksgiving and an awesome Christmas, i am just not indulging oh the food festivities. I am keeping myself in check (i had all year to eat whatever i wanted) and eat in moderation for the next 3 months.

With everything going on around here in preparation of Thanksgiving, i made it a BIG deal for workout to be the FIRST thing i did today. I think i am addicted to working out. The thought of not working out makes me all crazy, like is something unacceptable.

After the 30 day Shred i plan on doing Jillian's other work out DVD, No more Trouble Zone, along with my elliptical as well. 3 months to loose 40 pounds, will i be able to do it? We shall see :)

13 more days to gooooooo


Day 16 of the Shred, i am frustrated!

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Yes, my knee is still not cooperating.

Level 2 is such a PAIN, i hate it. People this workout really works, but it also wears you out :(

I am able to do level 2 without almost dying, all because i know that if i don't do it right i only cheat myself.

Oh i can do a FULL pushups! that is SUPER :)

Today i am just frustrated ugh.. the only fun thing is i have

14 days to go


Day 15 of the Shred, Half way down

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The finish line.

Can you believe I've been working out for 15 days in a row? I can't. One thing i do know and learned from this, i can do anything i put my mind and will power to. I had my last baby 7 months ago, and through the whole pregnancy i thought, i can't wait until i am done with this pregnancy so i can get in shape. And then after i had my little and the six weeks came and go, i kept saying OK next Monday i will start, every week i would do the same thing. I worked out for months on my elliptical only maintaining the weight i had and loosing nothing, because i didn't change my eating habit (truth is my mind was not in it).

After reading about this 30 day Shred and seeing some before and after results i decided what the heck, let me see id this really works. I also wanted to have someone holding me accountable on this, and i decided to log in daily to my blog and at the blog frog communities (after all my blog readers mean a lot to me and i do not want to let you guys down) Of course i am doing this for me, but i also want to show other SAHM'S we can loose weight right from home without spending hours at the gym.
Today, i woke up with the same pain on my right knee, i know is nothing big, but it hurts. I moderated my workout today, it was not what i wanted at all- this will do until further notice. I feel great and even thought my weight is not drastically going down, i am loosing inches everywhere, which is best. Level 2 is becoming more and more bareable, and is not this big monster anymore.
15 more days to goooo


Day 14 of the Shred, and we have a WINNER!!!

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Woooo Whooo Congratulations to Michelle from The gospel centered life, you are the winner of the 30 day Shred workout DVD. Congratulation and i hope you enjoy it as much as i have :)

To all who entered, thanks so much and stay tuned for more Shred giveaways soon.

On to day 14 update... Sadly my knee is hurting like crazy! I am not sure why, but i am going to continue my workout, just not as intense for a couple of days. I woke up crying like crazy today, my husband was scared, he thought something was badly wrong. He asked me what's wrong and all i managed to say was " i don't care if i am hurt, i am going to pull through" I was so disappointed. But i prayed about it and the show must go on...

*NOTE* I picked the winner through


Day 13 of the Shred, climbing that ladder

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I am telling you that if i din't want this as bad as i do, i would of been done with it a LONG time ago. But i am not a quiter- Been doing this for 13 days straight, i tired!!! Today was just what it was tiring...

Theres no stopping now- Now is when i need to stay more positive than when i started- staying consistent is a challenge, but i am for it.


Day 12 of the Shred, Level 2 is

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Extreme but promising.

The Shred GIVEAWAY ends this Sunday Nov 22 - be sure to leave your comments on the giveaway post, and follow my blog for a chance to win your own shred workout DVD.

I had my game face on today, which helped me get through the entire 20 minutes, stronger than yesterday. I then jumped on my elliptical for another 20 minutes (is all i had left after Jillian's level 2 madness) Yesterday i felt horrible, sore, tired annoyed. All afternoon i thought about how i was going to get through level 2, and then level 3. But, i keep seeing amazing results for all this hard work, and it keep me moving towards my goal.

This workout really works if you stick with it! I love that i don't have to leave my home for a extreme workout with extreme results. If you have a exercise machine at home, put it to use. I mean is not there for nothing!

I thank God i learned how to end this over weight madness! I AM GOING TO REACH MY GOAL NO MATTER WHAT!!!


Day 11 of the Shred, with a GIVEAWAY.

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Oh my goodness!!! Level 2 is CRAZY! can you say "Planks" "Planks" This level is surely not for the weak. I found myself stopping soooooooo much, because i was afraid i would faint. I kept it slow and steady. I see why so many people quit right at level 2, not me, i am NOT Scrurrrrr BRING IT!

Let's not get discourage, tomorrow is a new day. I know now what to expect and plan on bringing my game face! I really thought i was going to be able to keep up with Nataly, but Anita seemed more realistic.

To celebrate Level 2 i am hosting a Shred Giveaway :) (yey my first giveaway ever)

Check out the Goodie; I know you want to join me on the the 30 day shred,so i am giving you a chance to jump right in with your own ALL 3 Levels workout DVD.

Enter to win this DVD like this;
  • For one entry; Leave me a comment, say whatever you like. (I love motivational quotes)
  • For another entry follow my blog (leave me a comment saying your a follower)
  • And for a third entry, Link this giveaway to your BLOG (let me know with another comment)

Giveaway ends Sunday November 22-09 I will pick a winner using


For some before and after pics click HERE. I will not stop updating you guys daily until my goal is reached.


Day 10 of the shred, Graduation and before and after pics.

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And she screams (YEAAAAAAAAAAA)

Thank you, thank you.. All who've encouraged/cheered me on, i am forever grateful. The race is not over yet, but graduation to level 2 is today and i rejoice.
On to the good stuff (well not so good for me, my stomach even hurt because i am dreading posting these pics, oh well) In all fairness i must say, i started taking pics 5 days into my workout, because i really didn't believe i would stick to this workout. After 4 days i started seeing my body changing and i became very excited, and decided i would pull through. Here we go (let me go hide under a rock now) Oh! i should add i had a baby 6 months ago, i am NOT

5 days difference..

Before after

Side pics


I don't have back pics because i can't take a pic of my back :) but my back is way stronger and curvy ...What do you think, is it working? Dare to join me..Is hard work, but come on you can do it.

Don't forget to join my community for all things Shred.

Level 2 see you tomorrow...

20 more days to go!!!


Day 9 of the Shred, Aint not stopping me now

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I am on the loose...

I am shooting you guys a quick update.. Day 9 is completed. My endurance is super! I am able to finish through the whole workout without dying like i did when i started.

Tomorrow is my last day of level 1, graduation day for me. You know what else, Pictures pictures! I will update you guys with some before and after pics.

God Bless y'all.. Got to gooooooo :)

21 days to goooooooo


Day 8 of the Shred, Go mommy GOOO

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That is how my little ones cheered me on today! There so proud of their momma :)

I am so grateful to have found this exercise program! Not only is it only 20 minutes of intense workout, but it delivers results really fast. My endurance is right on! I have to admit i am getting bored of the same routine, but 2 more days and i graduate to level 2 (oh Lord what am i asking for).

I need to finish these 22 days i have left for several reasons. First for ME, i want to loose some pounds and feel great. Second i want to show my daughter who is 12 something about staying consistently consistent. And of course for YOU, my followers :)

I wish you could understand how hard it is for me to not only stick to a workout, but to actually squeeze one in everyday. Is a sacrifice i am willing to make for 30 days, and i will, i will finish victorious.

Ladies don't be like this lady right here !!!

You can do it!!! Remember to visit my community for all things shred:

No weapon formed against me...

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Shall prosper.

I am unsure what the Lord is doing in my life, but i KNOW He's working. How i know, because I've been praying without ceasing for change, and we all know change can happen in various ways, instantly or in pieces.

I am patiently waiting for my reward, because i will remain faithful to my God through everything.

1 Peter 5:8-9
Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

I hear you Lord, i do, but i am tired. Surrender your load He says, and i have. Yes, everyday i wake up i make sure i surrender all my thoughts and worry to him (that's lately because God knows I've not always been like this) In return i am experiencing an inexplicable peace. But yesterday i was tested BIG time.

And if it wasn't for me reading the Bible EVERYDAY, i would of been a total flop. Yes a mess. I though about when Jesus was in the desert and the devil started attacking by offering him things that didn't even belong to him. Saying lie after lie. And every reply Jesus gave was scripture "It is written" He said. And as i am being attacked i am thinking about bible verses I've read and like Jesus i said "It is written". I felt the POWER of the Holy spirit breaking little by little all those things coming against me. I though Lord WOW! You are showing me the way a true soldier of yours fights. Not with insult, not physical, but with your WORD, your power which no man can come across. I came home, and prayed for those who have not or who choose not to invite Jesus as their guide. Who result to anger too quickly and those who fail to love others as Christ loves us all. I am not going like them, i am not. I am the righteousness of GOD, made in His image, not the image men try to mold us sometimes to be like. NO! the image of the invisible God i am, therefore i will learn how to live as the image of the invisible God.

Father, please help me remain firm in you. And father help me love those who persecute me, to cause me to fail you. Help me resist the enemy with your mighty power, your word. AMEN


And on Day 7 of the Shred...

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She was at it again.

WOW, i worked out for seven days straight! I am proud...

I find myself knowing exactly what Jillian will say next, and she does not annoy me at all anymore. (i know that will change in level 2)I should be all set for next week, Thursday i start level 2, and Endurance is A LOT better. I can almost do a complete push up, can you believe!

I can't believe the changes i am already seeing in my body, that is what's keeping me motivated. And of course ALL you guys :) Thanks a bunch for your great comments..

Guess what! when i started this workout, i didn't plan on changing my eating habits just reduce portions, but as soon as i started seeing the way my body was changing i became very cautious of everything that went into my mouth. I eat 3 meals a day and snack in between, i don't feel as if i am being deprived of the food i like :)

23 more days of shredding! I AM PUMPED!

Don't forget to visit the Shred Divas community Here:


Day 6 of the Shred, and i am speechless!

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I am.

I just want you guys to know that I've never worked out so hard in my life. No, i have not! Is 5:38 pm, i been home all day, and now is when i am able to workout because i was having some serious mental battle. I did not want to workout today at all! I was laying on my bed about to cry, that's how bad i was trying to escape from this. I started praying, yes i did. Why? because i pray for everything else in my life i struggles with, why not for this. I prayed, dressed myself with my workout clothes, and off i went.

In my mind all i kept reminding myself was, "i am not a quiter, i can do this" I pushed myself harder then all other days. I entered a zone i was not going to allow anyone get me out of. I finished hard, and tomorrow i will be at it again.

Stay encouraged ladies, we want this bad right? is going to take all of you, but one thing i want you all to remember, pray. Yes, God will help you through it.

Remember to join Shred Divas Community;


Day 5 of the Shred, and my husband is impress.

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Yes, and he is also concern about my constant yelling at Jillian.(only if he knew how good it feels) Today i figured i would do the 20 minuted shred before jumping on my elliptical because, yesterday was super hard for me to stay on pace. Do you have a exercise machine at home? If so, put it to use. If you don't put it on your Christmas list. Guess where i moved my Elliptical to, my living room :) Only for a short time, since i need to watch my little ones and i can also pop in a movie and watch as i work out. Take a look at my elliptical. I took it with my iPhone so it looks a bit dark :PThese are my hand weights

Day 5 was much better, my resistance is right on! Push ups are getting more bearable and i didn't cheat a bit.(i am 4 real) I am determine to push myself 100%.
I also took some before pics today and will compare them to day 10, then day 10 to day 20 (you get the picture)...
Come join me on this Shred adventure, i promise, if you stay consistent you will get the results you want :) i am already seeing them in 5 days of workout..
Join our Shred Divas Community


Day 4 of the Shred and I Feel Great!

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Let me start with the not so cool part of today's workout. I was super, super tired. My tolerance level is better, but my muscles hurt like crazy. I was being very sluggish through the entire 20 min, could of been because of the 25 minutes i started with on my elliptical. I am happy i got day 4 out of the way though.

Now on to the good stuff (Yes there's actually good in all this, you know that) I am already seeing results from all this hard work and pain. My jeans are fitting looser, my chest is smaller (just a bit, i am still exclusively breastfeeding) My arms are tightening up and my butt or glute which ever sounds better to you, is a bit more firm :P

I know this workout is a bit intense, especially for those who are not fit. I really suggest you please stick to it, i know the end results will be rewarding. If you feel like you can't go on slow down, but DON'T QUIT! I mean seriously is only 20 minutes of your day, how hard can that be.

I want to take some good before pictures, but i am scared! i don't dare to.. I hate to put my imperfections out there like that (HA who those) I am working on it. Maybe tomorrow- i will give you some good before pictures, and in 10 more days i will show you my progress..

Come on Shred Divas, we can do this!!!

THIS JUST IN; i added this note after--- I've lost 1 1/2 pounds in 4 days, i can't fully credit the shred because i also do cardio on my elliptical, but the shred helped me out of this plateau i was in.. Hoooray for the shred!!

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Thoughts of a Restless mind!

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At night i can't sleep, i toss and turn (remember that song?)

I am tired, yet i can't sleep. I have this weird feeling in my heart, which i can't put my finger on. I am thinking but i can't stick to one specific thought! Actually i am crying right now, and don't know why. Yes, i don't know why! I just want to creep into my father's arms and sob. Sleep, as He caress my hair and whisper in my ear "I am here, I love you". All i want is Him...

I have such beautiful kids and a great husband, who works hard to provide for our family. I am not complaining. I just feel weird. Maybe i am just so sore and tired that my body is in shock. Ugh!

Today, I went pass my old neighborhood (where i lived previous to where i am now) I drove by an old neighbor's house, stopped in front of their home for a minute or two. About 3 1/2 years ago, on a hot summer morning the man of that house was fixing his roof. And as he fixed his roof, i fixed my family breakfast when all a sudden i hear someone yelling really loud. i ran towards the window only to see people running out the house, my neighbor had fallen from the roof, head first. I woke my husband, and said "you need to get up now and go help" He didn't even ask any questions, put on his clothes as fast as he could and ran out the door.

I brought my then 3 kids to my mother-in-laws house (who lived downstairs from us) and ran to see how i could help. I saw my husband on the floor holding the man's hand, telling him "do you hear me, try to stay awake" the man would not move, as blood gushed from his head. My husband did not leave his side. He looked around thinking what am i going to do, this man is dying.(of course we were waiting for an ambulance at the moment as well) All a sudden my husband yells the man's name "Edward, i need for you to listen to these important words i am going to say, Edward hear me. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?" Edward nods head "yes" and dies. No, i am not writing you a movie script, this is real. Amazing right! the Lord allowed him to hear those words, and Edward right then and there made his decision. Glory be to God Almighty.

So today, as i stood in my car looking into the driveway where Edward took his last breath, I also made a decision. I will sing of his love forever, i will live a life that reflects God's image. I will try to think as quick as my husband did, and ask the question, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour? as many time the Lord directs me to ask. How many precious chances doesn't our God give us to talk to others of His grace. Let's not spare a life.

I think i've just found some peace.. God night ya'll

Day 3 of the Shred, Bring it

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Is day 3 of the 30 day shred, and you don't even want to know how bad i was yelling through the whole 20 minutes. I started with 20 minutes on my elliptical to warm up and get more cardio in. I have to admit i was able to go down more on my push ups, but they still are my least favorite. I am pumped, excited and motivated, are you?
I know i am not going to shred the whole 20 pounds she promises, because i am not willing to completely stop eating the food i like. What I've been doing is reducing portions and eliminating all sweets! That should help. I also drink plenty of water, and trying hard NOT to skip a meal. I have my weights, mat and sports bra which help A LOT with all the jumping you have to do.
My plan is to do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 -10 more days and level 3- 10 days also which equals to 30 days. (i am glad i can do math)...
Join my Shred Diva Community HERE for encouragement, daily log in,questions and support.
OK day 4 bring it!


Day 2 of the Shred,Me My own Worst Enemy!

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Day 2 of the 30 day shred and i am about to collapse. I can't sit down without screaming at the top of my lungs because IT HURTS!!! Yes everything hurts, i can barely carry my little O without thinking i am going to drop her. FYI prior to this exercise program i jumped on the elliptical everyday for 40 min, i can't even imagine what someone who does not work out at all might go through.

OK, i am not trying to discourage anyone, we all know the soreness just last a few days anyways. I am just being real. This morning, i was not able to do day 2 first thing because i have 2 sick kids who missed school again! I did however get it done around 2. Prior to starting i was thinking how in the world was i going to get day 2 completed, if i am not able to move without pain. That's when the enemy within kicked in full force. "why are you going through this anyways, is not worth it, you will quit anytime now, do it while you still can". HA! i thought, yea right, i am not going to fall for these lies the enemy is telling me right now. If i want to loose weight i have to do what i have to do! I set some goals for myself now i need to accomplish them. If i give up i am going to not only be miserable that i gave up, i am also going to have the extra pounds. I got through day 2 struggling, but i did it. The great thing about this is that not is it only 20 minutes that go by pretty fast, but the workout itself i think, is not that bad. And if it hurts so bad, is because is working really good.

So i SHUT DOWN the enemy within, i am ready for day 3, popped some Advil's and deal with the soreness. Many of us complain about our problems, instead of nipping it where it starts, our mind. Don't be your own worst enemy, train yourselves to turn ALL negative thought into positive ones. Doing so, you will experience the happiness God intended for you to have. If you are happy with yourself, everyone is happy.

Day 3 here i come...


30 day Shred- DAY 1

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So I've decided to start the 30 day Shred by
Jillians Michaels. Today November 9 is my first day. I've added my before pic to this post just so you can get a idea where my starting point is. I will update you with a picture every week, so you can see my progress(really so i have someone holding me accountable on this) Here i goooooo...

My starting weight is 181 pounds.. Here's how i look on DAY 1..

My friends and family will definitely think I've gone crazy for this

Day 1-- So far so good-20 minutes completed bring on the soreness-- I AM HURTING BAD!!!!! JILLIAN YOU MEANY OUCH! :)


I will NOT leave you!

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Apparently this flu situation is quite serious. Yesterday, when i went for my daughter's six month check up, i became aware of the flu epidemic that is affecting a lot of people. My home has been affected with this for a whole month now. We are hanging on to Jehovah Rapha, our healer.

This week started off very rocky for us. I remember talking to my SIL about everything that's going on and how i didn't care if the whole world falls apart, as long as my kids are healthy, fed, and with a warm home to live in, i should be fine. Today, when everyone in my home is sick with high fever and throw up, i realize i am still fine. I am still in peace, still give Him all praise and glory, why? because He is worthy. I noticed that the enemy's mission is to make us curse God, for us to think we have the power to change our situation by our own might, and for us to live in fear and worry. We will not budge. My 4yr old is the one who is taking the worst beating from this flu, and as he cries out " I hate being sick, i can't take it" I whisper in his ear "God is your strength and your healer, hold on to him and give him thanks" and his cry changes to "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus". That's what is all about, praise Him in the storm, because what the devil intended to be bad for you, our God allows it for His glory.. And WE PRAISE HIM...

Why are you worry today? Is your family going through health issues, are you in fear of loosing your job? Are your finances driving you off the edge? Are you ready to throw in the towel and curse God by not holding on or believing in Him?

Check yourself, look up all the names that are attributed to you saviour and believe who He is and who you serve..

God says;

Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.


Opened Shades

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As i sit here with my coffee, laptop, and Bible (three of my favorite things) i am thankful to be able to dust myself off and try again. Today i am determined to open the shades and let the sun shine down on me (if it was actually out, my friend said it smells like snow in the air) After my whole shut down yesterday, i was able to shut the noise in my head, listen to God, who encouraged me to get up and walk. I got up, unfortunately we didn't make it out the door like i wanted, but i walked. Instead, we put some praise and worship, and chilled together for the rest of the day.

Today, as soon as i woke up i thanked God for the day, and declared it to be a blessed and productive one. I figured, it was OK to shut down for half of yesterday's day, but it's unacceptable to let it spill over, for i must believe and if i believe i must also live victorious. I listened to a song today that said "without pain there is no winner. There is a prize for everything for which you have to fight, even if you fall. For what matters if you win a easy race without inner victory". I am filled with tears because i believe, LORD i BELIEVE, NOW HELP ME LIVE. And the song continues " Yes i know, sometimes we have to be beaten to be able to grow and gain a little more wisdom, because there wouldn't be a way to manage what's to come. And even if the pain at that time is so painful, God will not leave us there more than what we can handle" PRAISE HIM...

Are you ready to have a Victorious day?


I need to open my shades!

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I woke up today with an unexplainable headache. I took 2 Motrin which usually takes it away but nothing.I am still in my pajamas and is 3pm. My shades are all closed and i am in my room with my laptop while my kids watch TV and play video games, yes is ALL they've been doing all day. I read my devotional today at noon something i do the minute i get up but today i am in the dark. I look back at last week and all the great things we were able to accomplish at our church and in my personal life the people i was able to minister, but today i need a time out.

I've never been a person who shuts down i am constantly going and going, but today i can't even move. To be truthful i don't even feel like praying, i don't want to hear anything i just want to SHUT DOWN... Is it healthy No..Is it what God wants for me, of course not, but i can't pick up my cross and walk today..

I think i should go and take my kids for a walk fresh air is always a good.

This too shall pass, i guess with all the run around i do all day sometimes our body just shuts down..


Shape me..

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Shape me Oh my saviour for only you father know our heart!

I don't have much to say today, yet i feel like writing. To be in the HOT SEAT is not a joke but Job overcame why can't I.

Jesus said this to His disciples
1Peter 1;6-7
"In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which perishes, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ."

Jesus is not telling His disciples in this world you will have many tribulations pack up and leave- He does not say to us come escape with me. He says come encounter with me.

Father God this day i pray that your favour is with me all the days of my life..

Romans 8;29
As in all things, God’s ultimate purpose for us is to grow more and more into the image of His Son


Separation From God

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Lately I've been thinking about the things that can cause me to separate from the Lord little by little..Here's a List i came up with
  1. Worrying
  2. Envy
  3. Jealousy
  4. Stealing
  5. Swearing
  6. Shady business deals
  7. Sexual indiscretions
  8. Divorce
  9. Conflicts with your partner
  10. Abortion
  11. Busy schedules
  12. Financial Troubles
  13. Alcohol and Drug addiction
  14. Food addiction
  15. Excessive Internet or TV usage
  16. Lying

I know there are many more things i can add to this list but i am going to keep it at that for now. Sin creates a sense of estrangement from God, we have Adam and Even as a perfect example of how sin separated them from God. I've been there. I've fallen into sin so hard that i found my self walking around the desert over and over all the while digging a hole to hide myself from the shame and guilt i felt for causing my father pain through disobedience. Exactly what the devil wants, to keep us away from God always. His future is set for him, God already defeated him and his desire is to take all humanity to hell with him by using different avenues to separate us little by little from God. We need to examine our lives and make a list of all the things that can separate us from GOD, scratch off the ones that apply to our lives, enter in prayer so that our Lord help us get rid of all these sin and bring us right to His precense forever.