Day 17 of the Shred, One thing on my mind

weight loss.

I mean, don't get me wrong i plan on having a great Thanksgiving and an awesome Christmas, i am just not indulging oh the food festivities. I am keeping myself in check (i had all year to eat whatever i wanted) and eat in moderation for the next 3 months.

With everything going on around here in preparation of Thanksgiving, i made it a BIG deal for workout to be the FIRST thing i did today. I think i am addicted to working out. The thought of not working out makes me all crazy, like is something unacceptable.

After the 30 day Shred i plan on doing Jillian's other work out DVD, No more Trouble Zone, along with my elliptical as well. 3 months to loose 40 pounds, will i be able to do it? We shall see :)

13 more days to gooooooo

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Kasey said...

You can do it girl!!!