P90X Day 35- I Can't Believe it!

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You know the thought you get when you see someone who's really fit (i'm talking six pack and all) you think, man one day it might just happen- but deep down you don't really believe it can. Well I've just been hit with the "wow this might just happen"!

Today i did Cardio X and after working out i decided to take measurements and pose on the mirror a little bit (yup i actually enjoy that now) I start flexing my arms and dreaming of the day i get a 4 or 6 pack. I mean you have to understand that after seeing my stomach transform 4 times the way it has, one could only dream. But today I'm hopeful, yes i am. Can you believe i can actually feel the muscles in my abdomen getting not only stronger but taking shape :) You know the two muscles you feel on the side of your abdomen, i can actually feel them a lot more now - seriously I'm lost for words... This is huge for me because i heard so many people say " you will never get your stomach to become flat after pregnancy, don't waste your time" i even got some hateful anonymous comments about this here. And now i have  words for you HATER!


I might not be at the finish line yet but i am at a place of hope, and I'm running towards my reward. Quitting is never a option for me, i can do anything i put my heart to (with the help of God of course) and believe i shall be victorious.. Sitting at the finish line with my 6 pack baby!

Oh P90X how i LOVE you...


P90X Day 29-34- The Road...

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What a yucky weekend. Husband and i are sick with a cold for 5 days now, so annoying!!!

Workout has been a challenge but i managed to get through.

Day 29 Plyometrics- I was so sore after this workout, I'm getting a lot stronger and able to push through  most of the the workouts. One of the things i like about this particular plyo workout is the sports moves he incorporates in the last 12 minutes or so, i have fun with it.

Day 30 Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X- I always have fun working out with resistance bands, i used them through out the whole workout. Ab Ripper X is getting a lot easier i can do 20 reps in almost all the moves, that is a HUGE improvement for me.

Day 31 Yoga X- After a hour i was beat and decided it was time for a shower. 94 minutes went down to 60, it was still a good workout.

Day 32- Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X- I did such a sloppy job on this workout because i was going through crazy body aches due to this cold. I skipped Abs, shower and headed to zzzzzz....

Day 33 Kenpo X- I've never pushed myself through anything so hard as i did with Kenpo this weekend, this darn cold had me in bad shape...

Day 34 X Stretch or Rest-- And of course i chose REST..

I decided to change from the classic workout to Lean- I want to do more Cardio and less weights. This is how my workout schedule will look like for the next 3 weeks


Weeks 5-7

Day 1 – Core Synergistics

Day 2 – Cardio X

Day 3 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Ab Ripper X

Day 4 – Yoga X

Day 5 – Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

Day 6 – Kenpo X

Day 7 – Rest or X Stretch

Week 8

Day 1 – Yoga X

Day 2 – Core Synergistics

Day 3 – Kenpo X

Day 4 – X Stretch

Day 5 – Cardio X

Day 6 – Yoga X

Day 7 – Rest or X Stretch

I need to loose weight a lot faster, this will give me a boost...
My eating was no bad or good- i hardly ate anything which is bad for weight loss but my appetite was no where to be found and my taste buds are still on vacation.. Let's pray for a better week.


Submission, A Woman Constant Struggle...

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While visiting Sailor's & Company BF community today i came across this post, which stroke a cord enough for me to write a post about it.

Michelle asked these great questions;

I know the "Sunday School" answer to this, but I want to hear practically from you godly ladies, how do you submit to your husband when he doesn't hold up his end of the bargain, and if he doesn't "deserve" it?

Like Michelle i asked God these questions all the time. I struggled with the thought "why should i submit to someone who doesn't appreciate it or doesn't submit to the Lord himself at times- Or like Michelle said doesn't hold his end of the bargain". 

I thought of the first sentence she wrote "i know the Sunday school answer" and tried to come up with an answer to her questions with this in mind, but truth is i couldn't. There is no way for me to answer these questions outside of what i personally experience in my life and that is the power of the Holy spirit convicting me and guiding me to what is right. There are days when i completely toss it all out the window. I let anger, frustration, self centeredness, the enemy overall get the best of me. And yes, i toss the whole "Sunday school practice" out the window. But what happens to me at the moment, at the end of the day or sometimes the next day is the work of God through the Holy spirit guiding me to what is right. The voice speaks volume in my heart and asks me these questions;

Does Jesus in all his perfection ever ask himself why should i forgive her if she never holds up her end of the bargain, why should i continue over and over pouring my over abundant grace on her if she doesn't deserve it?

I don't have a answer to this! My part is to continue praying daily that He transforms me every day more and more like Him. That i can keep pressing on towards the finish line and come out victorious with my family. So no matter what my husband does or doesn't do, my job is to continue pressing on in prayer. My God is faithful, my God is truth- So when He says " call on to me and i will respond" i not only believe Him, but try over and over to live like it. There will be days when i fail at the attempt, but He with all His LOVE will open His arms to me and tell me "I am you father, and i forgive you" and the race continuous...

What a wonderful God we serve...

We are in a race and only the valiant reach the end, now ask yourself what are you? No matter where your partner is (unless your being abused and your life is in danger) you must remain faithful in prayer and know that, you and i are NOT perfect either we have our flaws but if the Lord has opened OUR spiritual eyes to His greatness and your partner is still not there, your responsibility is even greater and through Prayer to the one who gives the power to sustain your marriage, we shall be victorious..

Jesus Your MY ROCK!


The Circus is Coming, The Circus is Coming and I have Discounted Tickets for You.

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The Big Apple Circus is coming to Boston just in time for April vacation, and I'm  excited to share discounted tickets with you!!!

One of the many things i remember about my childhood is going to the circus with my mom at least twice a year. I recently found a picture of me dressed as a clown on one of those visits and it literally brought me to tears (don't hold your hopes up, i will NOT share the pic..lol). The time has come to bring my own kids to the circus (can't believe they've never been) I showed them all the awesome pictures and videos and they are ecstatic.

Bello is Back! under the Big Apple Big Top performing breathtaking feats of humor in the theatrical focus of one ring with no seat more than 50 feet away!

It seems like only yesterday that this daredevil clown made his hair-raising New York debut with the Big Apple Circus. He’s been a big star all over the world ever since and was recently named "America's Best Clown" by Time Magazine. WOW i really want to see his show!

Bello is joined by a world of stellar circus stars:

*From Spain, Picaso Jr. returns with his sizzling style and extraordinary juggling act — puffing into the air up to five ping-pong balls simultaneously, and catching them — with his mouth!

*From Russia, the Aniskin Troupe amaze with their bravura, athletic trampoline act — then soar into the Big Top stratosphere with their spectacular flying trapeze act!

*The Big Apple Circus' own lovely and graceful Regina Dobrovitskaya performs a shimmering spectacle on aerial silk ribbons!

*Equestrians Christine Zerbini and Sultan Kumisbayev present an electrifying riding act — standing atop galloping chargers, Roman–style!

*Luciano Anastasini’s Pound Puppies (all rescued from animal shelters) return for a joyously jumping mélange of human and canine acrobatics!

Of course there’s more and for an extra measure of love and laughter, there’s the Big Apple Circus' very own clown -- Grandma.

WHAT A SHOW! I can't wait to see my kids faces :)

Here's all the info you need to purchase your discounted tickets to the Big Apple Circus.

Online: http://bigapplecircus.org/bostonpop.aspx and submit the code POP10 in the Promotional Codes box

By Phone: CALL 888-541-3750 and mention code POP10

In Person: Big Top Box Office 10AM–6PM daily. No service fee. Bring a copy of this blog post

*Offer good on select seat locations and performances. Must present this blog post to receive discount at the box office. Performance schedule subject to change. Offer is subject to availability; not valid on prior purchases; cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. This offer can be revoked at any time. Discount amount varies. Limit 8 tickets per order. No refunds or exchanges. Telephone and Internet orders are subject to standard service fees.

To stay updated with all Big Apple Circus news and events Follow them on Twitter @BigApple_Circus on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook- Big Apple Circus Facebook fan page

Enjoy the show :)


P90X Day 27-28... 1 Month Pictures Update

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WHOA day 30 is almost here!!! And then i only need 2 months to complete round 1 of P90X, GO ME!!!

Quick update

Day 27- More Cardio X and Yoga

Day 28- Chest, Shoulders and Triceps- Ab Ripper X- This workout was intense. Remember how i told you before how much i enjoy strength training, well today i was struggling a bit. Push ups were a bit harder, faster and a lot more of them- I moderated a bit and pushed through. Let's pray next week i do better.

Now here's a peek at what i accomplished in 1 month of P90X and healthy eating...BTW I didn't attend Boston College- My husband did :) We are HUGE eagles fan around here...



I'm satisfied with my progress so far. I'm not going to weight or measure myself until I'm done- I don't need the stress or pressure. I'm doing everything the program asks to do (except a few food cheating days, love me some cheesecake factory )

What you say, want to try this with me? Let me help you walk through it.. Contact me!


And the Winner is...

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**First winner never claimed the prize, and i had NO WAY of contacting her sorry**

Congratulations Kate @www.katesworldbykate.blogspot.com/
Number 6 was the random # for this Giveaway and that's YOU

Please Email me your Details at Jstar1418@aol.com Within 24 hours. If not i will select a 3RD chance winner tomorrow..

Stay tuned for the next Giveaway possibly today or tomorrow...


P90X Day 23-26- I'm Grooving!

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My way to a healthy lifestyle...

I am so proud of the way i been eating lately, it does not even feel as if I'm dieting or depriving myself of food because i want to make conscious and healthy choices for my body. I think when people introduce the word diet in their life they ultimately fail because they do it not to gain weight or loose, instead of doing it to live a healthy life.

Everywhere i go i bring my bottle of water and snacks, this helps me stay in check if i get hungry while i'm out. I told you guys this week was recovery week for me-Recovery week is important so your muscles take a break, recover and grow bigger. Intense weight-training puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body, and it is not just your muscles that are affected. The entire neuromuscular system, as well as immune function is stressed by weight-training so a week of rest every month is ideal. That's why i focused more on cardio workout this week.

Day 23 -Core Synergistic-- Truth is i didn't enjoy this workout at all. I should of because is great for your abs and much more yet i did about half hour of it and quit (fair to say i had a little accident that day, i drank 2 Advil PM by mistake which really messed my day) I haven't tried it again but will tomorrow. UGH
Day 24-I did Abs Ripper X and walked for 20 minutes. I was tired so i kept it light

Day 25- Cardio X- This was not on my schedule for this recovery week but i didn't want to do Core Synergistic. I like this workout a lot. It starts with Yoga, then some Kenpo X, Plyometrics and Core to make you sweat up a storm. I really enjoyed it mostly because it was short and sweet.

Day 26- Cardio X AGAIN- I had to do this workout again tonight because after going laser tagging with my daughter and her friends i was beat (i think i shredded  calories after 15 minutes of running in a sauna) When i got home i didn't know how i was going to fir today's workout, so i put on my workout clothes, shook the tiredness off and got my mind to work with my body and i completed this 43 min workout.



Shared thoughts...

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There's been a few thing going on around here lately some good, others not so good... Let me start with the good :)

It's birthday week in my home, my BIG boy turned 9 the 14Th and, and, you ready for this---MY BIG GIRL TURNED 13 TODAY!!! She's a- a- a- TEENAGER! I have no words to say- I'm officially the mother of a TEENAGER... YIKES! Thank you God for my children, Thank you for their health, strength and protection... THANK YOU..

Last weekend it rained for 3 days straight NON STOP- it was crazy! Due to the rain my basement got flooded pretty bad, everything i had there is gone. My boiler was off for a night or 2 and my hot water heater is still not on, so you can imagine me heating hot water for everything around here (honey I'm getting a bit upset about that already, please handle this situation PRONTO- Love you sweety :P)

Now don't get me wrong I'm so upset this happened but in a way i feel liberated from all the junk i had "stored" down there, and - you won't believe- my hubby is building me a gym with all the space we have available now after everything got crazy wet. So that I'm very grateful for

(this is NOT a actual photo of my basement, i was not bright enought to take some)

Today i'm sad because i will never experience this again

You see, the thought of not having anymore kids is liberating in so many ways but it also brings this sudden sadness. I won't ever experience a pregnancy or caress my own newborn baby again..(i love the smell of a brand new babies)- Next month i'm going to get the all time procedure done- yup- i'm ceiling the deal and  i pray that the Lord continues to give me peace, take all sadness from my heart  and continue to bless me with many more years to spend with the 4 beautiful gift He's given me :)

The ride has been fun...On to the Next step


P90X Day 22- Can Women Do P90X?

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Today's workout was so good..(yells a loud HOORAH) I was supposed to do Core Synergistic but instead i did Kenpo X- You know the Kickboxing style workout. I will do core tomorrow. I know all the moves and work them out to the max (GO ME).

So many ladies wonder if P90X is something they can do, and to answer that question i want you to meet Nancy, a 51 yr old mom who after suffering a few accidents was told she should not do more than a occasional walk.

Isn't she amazing? I've been at it for 22 days now, I never worked out in my life prior to the Shred mainly because i never paid attention to working out. I'm paying attention now and living a better happier life. P90X is not a beat you till you bleed workout, is not as hard you think. Of course if you have not done something in a long time or ever you might start off a bit shaky, but once you get the hang of things you will see how GREAT it is. Yoga especially, has been my favorite. I'm so flexible and my body aches are gone.

So the next time someone asks you, can women do P90X, tell them about Nancy then come back here and show them my upcoming 90 days progress :)

Walk with me...


A Book all Young Girls Should Own..GIVEAWAY

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I bought this book for my then 9 yr old daughter, and I'm so grateful i did. This book covers Head-to-Toes body care so well you will not regret the purchase. Some of the subjects are hair care, face, Body changes (period talk), nutrition etc...

My daughter was not intimidated by the book, the subjects are light but straightforward. One of the things i liked about this book is that it does not cover the topic of sex (i think this is a topic best explained by a parent rather than a book) I bought this book for my friend's daughter who after going over it  immediately began washing her hair, taking better care of her nails- being more cautious about her body :)

Moms, this is a must have and i want YOU to have it...

To enter the Giveaway simply

  • Leave a comment why you would like to win this book
  • Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment
  • Follow if you like for another comment entry
  • Blog about the giveaway for another chance to WIN
I will draw a winner through www.random.com on 3/22/10

P90X Day 18-21 Recovery week is here...

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Today is day 20 of my P90X journey and it's also recovery week for me. This week i will be doing less strength training and more cardio and Yoga.

  • Day 18 Legs, back and Abs-- I'm a total strength training addict- this is one of the workout i look forward to. At first i was not all that crazy about the legs part of the workout but they work so good on my legs is all worth the pain.
  • Day 19 Kenpo X--The first time i did this workout i didn't enjoy it because i was too busy trying to learn the moves, which cause a lot of frustration. I can now say is one of my fave. I love kickboxing makes me feel like a total tough girl :)
  • Day 20 X Stretch or Rest-- Of course i chose rest..
  • Day 21 Yoga X-- This is my recovery week first workout .. I'm so much better at yoga because i know the moves a lot better and don't have to be with my mind all over the place trying to figure out what's next. I'm more flexible and my balance is right on too.
This week i will concentrate on my diet and cardio. My goal is to loose at least 4lbs..Let me start by cleaning up my house a little. My big boy turned 9 this week and had a sleep over with some of his cousins and friends, so you can imagine what a house with 5 boys can look like..

Today they finish building the kitchen at our restaurant, I'm super excite about that. It's been a LONG ride but the finish line is right at the door, i can already taste it. We are opening a Wings Restaurant- 28 different flavor bone & boneless WINGS.. YUMMM  Oh wait i said i would be concentrating on my diet this week and thinking about wings does NOT help a bit.. ugh..lol..

Have a Blessed day Y'All


P90X Day 15-17...Question & Answers

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Many of you have emailed with questions about the P90X workout program. Even though I'm not a fitness expert- Just a simple mom trying hard to lose the extra pounds through various methods. Last month i completed 61 days of Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred with good results, but need to switch things up a bit and that's when i met Tony Horton of creator of P90X.

I've been doing this workout for 17 days now, this is a 90 days plan that promises amazing results if you follow the workout program and a healthy diet. So far I've been doing great with it-  I Lost 3lbs, a inch off my chest, my back is getting a lot stronger and toned. I can do twenty push ups without stopping (that is seriously impressive because i couldn't even do one) Yoga is helping me a lot with balance and stress, i absolutely love it..

On to Question and Answers;

First you will need Tony Horton complete program P90X

1. Does P90X really work?
 (i got this answer over HERE, i agree with him 100%- He just explained it better than i would)

Yes! I believe there are 3 main factors that makes P90X work:

Muscle Confusion: The schedule is 3 weeks balls to the walls exercises with specific routines and then followed by 1 recovery week (mainly core, cardio and stretches)This goes on for 3 months total. Each month the types of exercises changes so you don't plateau.

Diverse Exercises: This program gets rid of the boredom of just going to the gym day in day out or doing aerobics for 60 minutes every day(blah!). You have chest and back one day, then Plyometrics, Kenpo and then there's yoga, yes yoga! I would have never in a million years ever say I do yoga. Yoga is probably one of my favorite exercises in this program. I believe I sweat the MOST doing yoga X compared to any other routine. You also feel very relaxed at the end.

Efficiency: You get 1+ hour of solid sweating, m

uscle pumping, fat burning, cardio and muscle toning routines. There is very little rest during the routines, which is the right way to workout (unless you want to bulk up). If you go to the gym, count on 10 to 30 min of driving , 15 min of socializing, 20 min total of resting between exercises which equals to about 30 min of actually "exercising" lol.

What Equipments do i need to begin?

"The only equipment that you're going to need for P90X is a set of free weights or resistance bands. Now, either and both of these can be replaced with a set of Power Bands. There are other odds and ends your encouraged to use, such as a heart rate monitor and a yoga mat, you don't need them to get started but i encourage you to buy them in the future. I didn't buy a pull up bar because i don't have a place to install it.

You can buy these online- i bought mine at Target and Walmart :)

How long are the workouts?

Aside from Abs Ripper X which is 15minutes long and Yoga which is 94 minutes- The DVD workout I've done so fat are 60 minutes long... Trust me they go by fast-th

e workout is fun (some days)

How do you make time to workout everyday?
With each program i made the commitment to not only complete it but to make it my daily priority. Each day after making sure my family has everything they need i jump right on to workout. Out of the 14 hours i spend awake - 1 hour to workout can't be that hard to pull off- bottom line it's all about how bad you want it :)

For more Q&A visit this SITE


Precious- My Reality Check

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Last night i watched a film that put things in perspective for me. Early this morning i was having some crazy nightmares and as i tried putting them together i knew it had to do with what i seen in this movie.

The movie is called "Precious"  It's an independent film produced by Oprah and Tyler Perry. The story is about a 16-year-old girl who's been held back in 8Th grade with a baby and one on the way. She lives with her mother who is physically and mentally abusive to her. The struggles and pain she's had to endure at such a young age is unimaginable, i was deeply moved.

These past few weeks I've been stuck in my own selfish pity party. Thinking small time things like who's hurt me in life and who hasn't. I mean come on Jackie get real! Whoever said life would be easy and that people would all be nice and pleasant no, no things happen and from them we must grow and move on. Thinking about precious and all she endure my struggles seem so small- yes i know we all face different trials which God allows because He knows how much we can handle. When you look around and see that you have a loving supportive husband, beautiful kids, a place to call home, enough people in your life to call friends, all the other stuff seems so irrelevant to worry about. I believe God is working in my heart BIG time and is not for me to consume myself with anger and pain but rather grow and florence like the flower I am.

Ephesians 1:4-6

Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son.


P90X Day13 & 14- I shed tears

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Yesterday i worked on my Chest, arms and back. I really struggled to stay afloat through the workout because i felt nauseous, but i did it.

Today, I did not want to workout i even shed some tears. I don't need to tell anyone how hard working out everyday is, I'm sure you can imagine. I've been dealing with some crazy headaches the past few days that made workout not so fun. This afternoon i am feeling a little better and look forward to working on my abs tonight to make up for doing a horrible job at it yesterday. My friends you must know that this ab program has at least 320 moves, is not a joke.

I'm really enjoying the Jillian Michaels shakes, they are so handy for on the go breakfast or lunch. I need to drink A lot more water though, I've been slacking on that.

Until next workout my dear reader.


Peek into my P90X progress so far...

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I get tons of emails asking for P90X picture update. I was not going to share any until i hit my 30 days, but after taking my 10 days pics i felt good to share one view with you my faithful reader :)

After 4 kids my stomach has taken a beating and is MY TROUBLE ZONE AREA, even while doing the shred i would lose inches in many places yet my stomach would SLOWLY very SLOWLY shrink just a tiny bit. After changing my diet and doing Ab Ripper X for 12 days now- I think something is happening right, what you think?

WARNING: Please avoid looking at my pink crocs lol... So out of fashion

                           Day 1                                                               
                         Day 10

You can work your body out until you turn purple- But the change you want will finally come when you change what goes into your mouth :)

Can you see now why i love/hate Ab Ripper X- is some hardcore ab work ...

P90X Day 12- Some tips..

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Today was supposed to be a day off for me from P90X but i skipped Friday, and now need to make up for it. I worked legs, back and abs.

My husband and I were looking at pictures of this past summer, and oh my goodness i can't believe how i looked. The funny thing is that i seriously didn't notice i was THAT big and my husband couldn't  help himself his words "babe wow how did i let you get like that" yea thanks honey you should of done an intervention or something, but I'm glad i saw the pics reminds me where i was and to push harder to where I'm headed. You know what happens when you workout as hard as I've been working, your mind automatically starts matching up to your body. Before you eat that cheeseburger and fries you remember the 94 minutes of yoga and everything falls in place.

Last Monday, i purchased a week worth of fruits which have been so good because any time i feel hungry or  crave something sweet is always good to have them handy to do the job. Weight Loss is so much easier when you have everything you need handy- make sure you shop weekly for all your daily meals.


P90x Day 10 & 11- It's a Celebration

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I did it people, I did it!!! I changed my blog look ALL-BY-MYSELF, this calls for a "I did it dance" WOOO WHOOO... All you ladies at the Blog Frog know how bad i wanted a new look around here, and with a little determination and 2 days of trying- I finally found a design I'm comfortable with for now. YAY!

OK moving on to some P90X update- On Thursday i did the WHOLE 94 minutes of Yoga, of course there where some moves i didn't even dare to do but i stuck through and tried. I LOVE YOGA X- really i do, if you knew how good yoga is then you understand where I'm coming from. After the 94 minutes of workout i was BEAT but oh so relaxed. I took yesterday off because my body was screaming for some down time, but today i was at it again. I did Kenpo X today with my 2 boys- they were having fun punching, kicking and of course yelling along with Tony Horton. Because i missed Friday's workout i will have to work on legs, back and abs tomorrow.

I feel so much stronger and happy. My back looks great i'm losing inches P90X people Get with it!


P90X Day 9- Let me show you what i bought today!

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Today i worked on my shoulders, arms and of course my ABS! Once again I hate Ab Ripper X is so hard.

OK so today i went out to buy some exercise equipments and meal replacement. I wanted to buy a set of dumbbells but my husband suggested i didn't, he said he does not want a bodybuilder for a wife (go figure) I don't want to be a bodybuilder either dude! So instead i bought a heavy duty resistance band that does the job too. I bought it at target for $20 bucks- it's pretty good, this is how it looks.
I also bought a meal replacement shake from Jillian Michaels that i found at Walmart for only $11.95- I've been looking for something like this since sometimes is hard for me to constantly make something to eat and with this workout i have to EAT small meals through out the day to get my metabolism running and burn fat.
I bought Vanilla and Chocolate flavor and made the vanilla one for lunch, it taste pretty good i can get used to this.

I also visit http://www.beachbody.com/ to chat with other people who are also doing P90X- You can also see before and after photos of real people with REAL results...

OK i'm off for now- going to amazon to buy some books- any suggestions?


P90X Day 8- Plyometrics of Death

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Ladies and gentlemen today i saw stars.

Something happened in today's workout; let me remind you today is Plyometrics day, you know the kick your behind jump here then there workout. After the seven or something minutes of warm up i was sluggish, i wanted to shut the DVD and go to bed. I continued on and 30 minutes into it i entered a zone i've never been in all the times i've worked out in my life. My body got in synced with every move i jumped from one move to the next like nothing, i believe i was in a trance. After pushing my body for almost 15 minutes non stop i then snapped, felt as if my heart was coming out of my chest - my heart beat was a bit too fast  i needed to stop for a minute,and that's when i realized i've become a workout addict.

Jumping, sweating, feeling out of breath never felt so good "is called P90X... Tony Horton says that all the time and i laugh because now I understand why. People this workout is amazingly good i recommend it above all other workout right now- Forget the gym drop that, get in the X zone! My body is already feeling different, my back is so much stronger i have so much energy- I move a lot faster i'm loving this.

Ladies get with it! Yes all of you who are sick and tired of all the extra weight and the feeling of always being tired- GET WITH IT ... Sorry, i'm a little too passionate about this workout but i would not be if i didn't believe it works oh so good...

82 Days to goooo come on and


P90X Day 7- And some life talk! Free from them Shackles!

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Today i woke up a little extra early to get my workout done, is crazy how i look forward to working out with this program. I think is the fact that is not the same workout everyday which makes me want to workout everyday.

Yesterday i was supposed to stretch or rest and i chose rest because i very well deserved it :) Today i worked on chest, back and abs. I think i did about 250 push ups (seriously) i also worked out with my band and dumb ells, every time i finish doing strength training i feel so good and confident (ready to kick booty) lol...I think i hate Ab ripper X is so effective but sooo HARD! ugh...

Now let's talk a little about my life lately...

Lately i've been feeling so good about myself, working out has  a little to do with it but of course is God doing His thing in my life. Because i'm a young mom (28 yrs young with 4 kids and a hubby) i found myself to be very insecure, i didn't realize i was until recently. I felt as if people where constantly watching my every move expecting me to fail, after all i am a rule breaker for not doing things the way they should be done (what a beautiful world it would be if we all did what we SHOULD do right).  Everything i've learned about being a wife and mom i've learned them on my own, with God as my guide- and for so long i beat myself so hard to prove to others i was going to make it no matter what, looking back i wish i would of woken up a long time ago to avoid some of the pain this constant pressure brought me. But i believe God allows everything for the good of those He loves...

Today, i've found my middle ground and no longer live to prove anyone but God how and when i do things. I've given my marriage and children to Him knowing and trusting Him to guide me the perfect way. I no longer take at heart what others say about me because i know that the one who began His work in me will complete it - I take everything directly to my father, because i've established a pretty well relationship with him to talk and listen very well. I'm wiser, stronger and ready to train my daughters to be smart God fearing woman, without fear of anything but the Lord...

I feel FREE from the insecurity chains that bounded me for so long! Thanks be to God...He's helped me break them shackles