P90X Day 6 Kenpo X

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What is Kenpo X? Punching and kicking combinations to improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. This is also my cardio workout. 

I love it because i always wanted to do kickboxing and this workout gives it to me.  Is fun but intense. While doing these workout i never think i can't do it because if i do i get weak physically, mentally and then i give up. Whenever i feel like i'm going to collapse i pause gather myself together and continue at my own pase.

I'm so tired i can't even think, i hate cutting this post like this but i really need to collapse in my bed right now.

God Bless and goodnight my friends :)

P90X Day 5 Legs, Back and Abs

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Today's workout was hard yet fun! I worked out with my brother's girlfriend today who wanted to try it and  did pretty well for a first time... The leg workout is intense, it burns oh so good. I hate lundges with a passion yet they work really well on my bum. Believe me when i tell you that 60 minutes of workout with Tony Horton go by FAST, they don't drag or you don't feel like you want to quit.

I'm getting used to the band, i guess i will use it for 3 more weeks then purchase a set of dumbells. I feel my back getting a lot stronge. I also decided not to add any cardio to my workout i don't think i want to alter the plan Tony Horton has going on here.

Now let's talk about Ab Ripper X- I can barely do these ab workout without stopping over and over. This is intense and i hate it! I know it works tremendously but WHOA- But the more i try and push- The better i will get.. BLAH

Everyone should do this program is absolutely wonderful...Those asking for pictures- i did take before pictures and plan on taking more on day 30 so stay tuned :)

I absolutely LOVE P90X!!!


P90x Day 4- 94 Minutes of YOGA!

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OK so never in my life did i ever think i would be doing Yoga- NEVER!  I didn't think i had the patience for it never mind 94 minutes of it- I must want this BAD!

10 minutes into the workout i was bored, i couldn't concentrate one bit because i had to keep looking at the TV to see what the next move was. I almost shut the whole thing off and jumped on my elliptical, but i don't give up that easy. The last 40 minutes made up for the whole YOGA X, the moves were extreme but WOW i never thought one could move the body in such ways. As i sit here i feel so relaxed because yoga works your muscles good. No word of a lie i can't wait to do this again next week, seriously. The more you do this the more flexible you become and i look forward to that.

I burned 320 calories through the whole 94 minutes and toned many muscles in my chest, back, ab legs- I recommend yoga to everyone!!! I am officially a YOGY :)

I need to get to bed, my body is screaming rest..

Goodnight Bloggy friends..


P90X Day 3- Shoulders, Arms and Abs

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I really enjoy strength training! Almost all the workout on P90X are 60 minutes long- Yoga is 94 minutes and Abs 15- but they don't seem THAT long. Tony Horton is funny in his own cheesy way, he makes the workout light and refreshing.

Unlike yesterday today i din't feel like puking. Tony makes it clear through out the whole DVD that you will build resistence as you go, i'm working through. I don't know if i like to workout with bands that much, i think i will invest on a dumbell set soon. My Abs are burning like never before- Jillian's 30 day shred never did this to me.

What i keep asking myself is if i should add cardio to my workout but i'm afraid i will push my body too much.uhm.. Maybe the days i do strength i can do 30 min of cardio in the morning then P90X Strength training at night- Decisions, Decisions...

As you know i've been thinking about summer and bathing suits; Kasey thanks for the VS idea.. Here's a few of the suits i like.

I like this one in that exact color- I am not a fan of too much cleavage though

This one is SUPER HOT
And this one with straps is a killer!

So what do you think? Share some of your fav bathing suits with me..


P90X Day 2 Plyometrics

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Plyo WHAT? before doing the Shred i had no idea what Plyometrics workout was and now i  wonder why was i ever introduced to this...

The Physiology of PlyometricsPlyometrics refers to exercise that enables a muscle to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time. The muscle is loaded with an eccentric (lengthening) action, followed immediately by a concentric (shortening) action.

In other words is a workout that can kill you, seriously! Jillian gives us a little dosage of this on the Shred (which i would usually slacked on BIG time) You know that Rockstar move she does, yes you guessed it, Plyometrics all rigth. P90X takes Plyometrics to the next level with 60 minutes of CRAZY JUMPING... I did it though, and i will do it again because is next week if i had to do this more than 2 times a week, i don't think i would stick to it.

Oh and thank God i din't wake up too sore today nothing a little Advil can't handle, i can only imagine someone who has not worked out in a while- OUCH! Although my abs did hurt like WHOA...

Today i was day dreaming about summer time. I'm not a bikini kind of girl (even when i had the bikini BOD people, i stayed away from them) I feel way more comfortable in a one piece bathing suit, so today i day dreamed about a particular bathing suit i wan to buy for the summer and lots of cute spaghetti straps shirts- OH a girl can dream :)

Tomorrow i'm going to buy a supplement drink- i will let you all know which one i decided to buy...


P90X Day 1 Chest, Back and Abs

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WOW I'm not even jk when i say "this workout ROCKS"

But if it wasn't for Jillian's 30 day Shred, i would of been in trouble. This workout is hardcore, but anyone can do it! Tony Horton is awesome, he can be a little annoying but whatever i like him :)

Today i did Chest and Back (i've never done so many push ups in my life)- I also did Abs Ripper X- I found a site online that shows the 7min of Abs ripper X since i don't have the Abs DVD :( HERE is the site

I bought some resistance bands today they are essential for this workout if you don't have the pull up bar. I bought them at Target for $14.99
What i LOVE about this workout is the variety- Everyday is a different Workout for 6 days Here's how my workout schedule looks like for these next 3 weeks.

• Day 1 - Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

• Day 2 - Plyometrics

• Day 3 - Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X

• Day 4 - Yoga X

• Day 5 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

• Day 6 - Kenpo X

• Day 7 - Rest or X Stretch

Tomorrow's workout is crazy hard, Plyometrics are no joke! But someone's gotta do it! I wanted to incorporate some Elliptical time to this workout, but i've been reading around that you can get over tired easily like this, so for now i will stick to the P90x plan :) I also took Before pics to share with you guys maybe in 15 days! let's see how things roll..


Love Never Fails!

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After being married for 12yrs i think i'm finally getting the hang of things...

I know i have so much to learn, grow and live- but as of now i like where we're at. I married young, TOO young if you ask anyone, my husband is all i've had since the age of 16. My life has been crazy and i plan on sharing a bit of it with you all soon, but right now let's talk about marriage :)

Everything i have learned about being a wife and mother i've had to learn on my own, through God's guidance of course. My husband and i have been through so much but praise God 4 kids later, we are still going at it. I was sitting in my living room a little while ago and thought to myself how upset i used to get with my husband for whatever reason and of course how upset he would get with me; but now when he does something i don't agree with i'm amazed at how i am handling myself. Don't get me wrong i do get frustrated and upset, but i find myself closing my mouth breathing it out and waiting for the perfect time to talk. I make sure i don't stay upset with him for too long and surprinsingly he's been doing the same.

Now why do i say surprisingly, haven't i been praying for this?

Yes i have. A while back i bought the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" I prayed and prayed everyday these prayers over my husband. I dedicated my all to praying for our marriage. And God being perfect as He is, always comes through. I have to admit that just today, it all hit me. Why i'm i surprised about the change happening in my marriage if i have been bringing it to God? I don't believe is a matter of not having faith for what i've prayed for but rather the human heart. We often forget who we serve and depend on. We are quick to move to the next want in our life, but thanks be to God never changing like we do.

My marriage is a work-in-progress and i like it that way. We have so much to explore- and i am grateful to be filled with a calm and understanding heart these day (and of course i pray i remain this way) which helps me learn and accept what God's will is for our union.

I promise to love my husband in good and in bad and with God's help we WILL stay true to that promise we made first to God then to each other...


Taking a break from Jillian to meet Mr. P90X

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I got the call i was waiting for today. A dear friend of mine had said to me 2 weeks ago she owned the P90X but wanted to try Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred before she tried P90X. After some chatting she asked if i wanted to borrow the P90X, i paused for a second because truthfully i am scared of this workout- but without further thought i said yes bring it on!

When i hung up the phone i had the same feeling i felt before starting the Shred, this will be hard but i am up for the challenge. I jumped online to check before and after results on google image and now i am pumped and excited to start on Monday 2/22/10


I know that after doing the Shred for sixty something days and jogging outside i can say i am ready for this. Shred i love you but i think is time i move on, i will forever be grateful for helping me through this Journey

I know nothing about P90X- only that is hard but WORKS

Check this lady out, she impressed me BIG time..  

Who's brave enough to start with me? Let me know, i am starting this Monday


Where have you been Missy?

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I've been taking a much needed break from the WWW world- I needed to focus on my kids, home,husband and of course myself without interuptions for a little. Now i am back because i've missed you all, and of course i need to vent a little :)

I started running outside yesterday it was cold but i ran and i ran, and it felt oh so good. The plan is to run a 5k in June, i want to finish strong so i am getting ready physically and mentally. I am still doing the shred everyday more for strength because i also do my elliptical for 30-40 min. I won't be able to run outside tomorrow because it snowed like crazy up here- ugh! Oh well, i guess since i'm home bound i will do a hour of cardio and strength.

I feel so different lately, all i want to do is go out- i don't want to be home. My husband and i have been hanging out A LOT lately. I'm growing extremely attach to him again, in 12 yrs we've been together we never been apart but with 4 kids is easy to grow apart right in your own home. Our goal right now is to concentrate on our marriage- So far so good :) 

I am excited to announce- i got photoshop this weekend :)  My friend hooked me up, thanks a bunch girl. Now i can design my own blog- yey- well first i have to learn how to use it.   *sigh*

I am gone for now, but stay tuned because i have a lot of fun things to share with you all.. God Bless

Excuses, Excuses!

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I am so SORE! Is not as bad as the first time i did the shred but I AM SORE!!! Sitting is so painful WHY???

Ok enough whinning

Today i was thinking how i ended up weighing 200 lbs at a point in my life,and all the excuses i came up with not to do the things i needed to do to get fit. Here's a few of them..

  • I will start on Monday

  • I am too tired

  • Not enough time

  • Can't stop eating

  • Whatever

  • This is hard

  • I will never lose weight

  • I'm horrible with diets

  • I am not a exercise person

  • Tomorrow

And get to it :) After a while eating healthy and exercising becomes a lifestyle you enjoy, trust me. The first 30 days are extremely hard but once you've created a habit, you will succeed.

I'm feeling a lot better these days. I find myself spending a lot more time with my husband outside work and kids. We've been going out on dates and enjoying life- stress level is going down THANK GOD..

Thank You Jesus- your ALWAYS on time...


Shred Again? Yes, day 61

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Yes i am starting the Shred again, this will be round 3 for me...There's something about this workout DVD i can't get enough of. I love how each level works different muscles in your body, all the right muscles i must add. For those who emailed me to see some pics of my progress so far, after taking the pics and almost posting them- I backed out. I won't be posting any pictures until i see a drastic difference in my weight and body. Don't get me wrong i am working out and losing weight, i'm simply taking my time at it, i live such a busy life it would be too stressful for me to add weightloss pressure. I will definetly keep you guys updated and working with some of you side by side..

Today i began day 61 of the 30 day shred workout! I'm going to use 5lbs weights for one more week then  increasing them to 8 lbs, this helps to sculpt your muscles and increase your resistance. I weaned my little O about a week ago started the Special K diet, and lost 3 lbs in one week. I like this diet ( I'm a cereal junkie anyways) i find it easy to follow now that i am not breastfeeding. But overall  I LOVE ME SOME SHRED! Oh but no more than i LOVE my elliptical... I'm just full of love for exercise today, uhm maybe because i've not been this weight i am right now in SOOOO long, that i am LOVING it... lol..


Why are you Walking Away?

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Is what i hear the Lord asking me, but i quickly shut my ears to His voice and hide. I've been trying to write lately but everytime i open a new post, it ends up in draft. I'm someone who writes from the heart. I dislike being superficial, something like what you see is what you get. I've also learned to practice what i preach, and right now i am not practicing what i sometimes preach.

Is sad how sometimes we know what we aught to do, yet choose otherwise only to end up right where we knew we would. These days i'm running the opposite direction, i know what i should do but instead i say "whatever" and turn the other way, in return i'm miserable. The noise is so loud in my head i can't even hear myself think, seriously i can't. I know that if only i would surrender to Him, i will find peace that trancends all understanding, but for now i run :(

This might sound crazy but truth be told i'm tired of doing right, you know going by the book. Yes i know "have i lost my mind" no, no, no! I am perfectly sane, is just that it takes so much effort to do what's right. For example- after shopping is easier to simply leave the shopping cart in the middle of the street or right next to the beautiful Mercedes instead of walking across the street after letting 4 kids in the car, putting groceries away and never mind the freezing cold, but nope my personal convictions would kill me! Is so much easier to take afternoon naps everyday instead of helping the kids with homework, is so much easier to not give my MIL rides when she asks UGH! But then this verse Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. And then it all makes sense...

With that said- I need to take my MIL for some errands right now, i'm putting a smile on my face THESE

 in my ears.. Off i goooo...


Shred Baby Shred! Day 30

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30  days have come and gone! Congrats to those who have crossed the finish line. I will post my 60 days results on Sunday, i am having one of those weeks and i will not take pics like

I know weightloss can be super hard and some did not make it all the way.. But i don't want to talk about that- Let's simply concentrate on the days ahead and if you want to join me for the next 30 days, which i plan on starting 2/8/10 jump in, Let's goooo..

I want to give someone a little prize! This girl worked out 30 days straight!  She was at my community everyday sharing her results and encouraging others- You should visit her blog and check her 30 day Shred before and after pics.

Holly congrats!!! Your such a inspiration.. Keep ROCKING it girl!!!

I have a 25$ gift card for you, go have a awesome night out with hubby :) Send me your details to

I wish i could continue writting- but truth be told my spirit is so down tonight i just feel like crawling in bed :(

God bless bloggy friends...

OH and let me know who wants to join in the next 30 days..

And i will still log in my community daily-  feel free to stop by ....