Love Never Fails!

After being married for 12yrs i think i'm finally getting the hang of things...

I know i have so much to learn, grow and live- but as of now i like where we're at. I married young, TOO young if you ask anyone, my husband is all i've had since the age of 16. My life has been crazy and i plan on sharing a bit of it with you all soon, but right now let's talk about marriage :)

Everything i have learned about being a wife and mother i've had to learn on my own, through God's guidance of course. My husband and i have been through so much but praise God 4 kids later, we are still going at it. I was sitting in my living room a little while ago and thought to myself how upset i used to get with my husband for whatever reason and of course how upset he would get with me; but now when he does something i don't agree with i'm amazed at how i am handling myself. Don't get me wrong i do get frustrated and upset, but i find myself closing my mouth breathing it out and waiting for the perfect time to talk. I make sure i don't stay upset with him for too long and surprinsingly he's been doing the same.

Now why do i say surprisingly, haven't i been praying for this?

Yes i have. A while back i bought the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" I prayed and prayed everyday these prayers over my husband. I dedicated my all to praying for our marriage. And God being perfect as He is, always comes through. I have to admit that just today, it all hit me. Why i'm i surprised about the change happening in my marriage if i have been bringing it to God? I don't believe is a matter of not having faith for what i've prayed for but rather the human heart. We often forget who we serve and depend on. We are quick to move to the next want in our life, but thanks be to God never changing like we do.

My marriage is a work-in-progress and i like it that way. We have so much to explore- and i am grateful to be filled with a calm and understanding heart these day (and of course i pray i remain this way) which helps me learn and accept what God's will is for our union.

I promise to love my husband in good and in bad and with God's help we WILL stay true to that promise we made first to God then to each other...

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Braley Mama said...

Thanks for this post!!!! What a strong devotion for marriage!!! Prayer changes things!

StephF said...

Thanks for this post. I love that book, The Power of a Praying Wife. It wouldn't hurt to shake the dust off my copy & start reading & praying again. No matter how good it is, God can always make it better! :-)