Completed my first 5K

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What an amazing experience! I can't believe i waited so long to take part of something like this.

On June 13 i ran my first 5K in support of Tuft Medical Center Floating Hospital and helped save lives of children. I trained for about 6 weeks with couch to 5K program, I recommend this program to anyone for it works great.  helped me to slowly worked myself to run a 5K in 6 weeks.

What an amazing accomplishment for me. The run itself was breath taking, i ran right along the harbor in Boston and the weather was pleasant. There were about 1,500 runners and walkers. Together we helped raise 256,000 for this cause.. God is good :)

I plan on doing this specific 5K run every year God willing, and next year i will run it with my 13yr daughter ... YAY


What we been up to & My 90 days of P90X outcome!

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I'm sorry for abandoning you my dear readers, but exercising has taken me to a place in my life i didn't see coming. I'm no longer a home body, I'm enjoying the outside world everyday with my family :)

Last week we went on our first camping trip to Maine we had such a peaceful weekend. No Internet, phones, televisions just us creating memories. The boys went fishing with dad, i lay ed out by the lake with my girls, we built bond fires, ate smores, you  name it... Time seemed to have stopped- God really worked with us through this trip...

Can't wait to do it all OVER again next year!!!

Now if your wondering what ever happened with P90X- I did complete the 90days on May 22nd. Overall i lost 8lbs.. I know is not much at all- But is not about that for me, is about how i feel and the things i am able to do now because of those 90 days. I did lose inches of my chest, waist, thighs, arms, legs and is all that matter to me...I would of lost a lot more if i had done the eating program, but i can't stick to NO eating regimen- not because i eat a lot but because I'm way too busy, seriously i am.

Here's my final 90 day progress..



I'm Happy with my progress.. Slowly but surely i will get there- No rush.. I start my next 90 days today (i know i can't get enough of it)

I also have been training for my first 5K run on June 13- It been a challenge because of Shin problems but I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH WITH GOD'S HELP! :)