I'm pumped about my next 30 days to equal 90 days of the Shred.

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Something terrible happened to me 3 days ago, the power cord to my elliptical broke, and i've been extremely annoyed with it. I've been doing the Shred but my elliptical is my baby when it comes to exercise. I was going to buy the cord this weekend but with birthday parties to attend, i've had no time. Tomorrow i will go EVERYWHERE looking for a cord that will do.

I can't explain how much i love the Shred, i don't think i will find another workout like this. Doing level 3 made me realize just how awesome this wokout can be. For those who are planning on doing the Shred for round 2, to complete 60 days, if you are using 3lbs weights upgrade to 5, if you are using 5 move up to 8lbs, you will see better results if you do.

I'm going to be a Shred momma for life- Bring on the next 30 days.. It can only get better from here.. :)


How I stay Motivated

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I've never been overweight but 4 yrs ago all that changed very quickly. After i had my 3rd child i kind of let myself go, i ate out ALL the time and enjoyed the good life (i have the muffin top to show for it) While i was doing this damage to myself i never thought about my weight, i just ate whatever whenever. And then people started asking me what was wrong, or even funnier some din't even recognize me (yea thanks for that one)  i began to feel MISERABLE- I was so disgusted with myself it made me sick.
I signed up to the gym lost 20 lbs in 2 months and after that i bought my elliptical, worked out at home ALL the time, yet ate anything i wanted, which keep me at a set weight (mind you i still had 30 lbs to loose). Then BOOM i became pregnant with my 4th child, and was very cautious of my weight through the pregnancy which helped. As soon as the Doctor gave me the OK to workout, i was at it again. I jumped on my elliptical almost everyday, lost all my prenancy weight and them i came across the 30 day Shred.

Thank God i found this workout because i would of sunked into a really funky state if i didn't do something about the weight. I started doing some 30 day Shred research online, found a few ladies who did it and had great results. I remember the night before i started i had a LONG talk with myself

ME: You will get this program done everyday no matter what. You can't quit this, it works just stick with it! You are to blame if you don't accomplish you goals, you will be sad, you will not be healthy and you will fail once again.
Nope not me. Starting the Shred i didn't know what i got myself into, i wanted to quit so bad- Lord knows i cried many nights because i wanted to give up, but i couldn't, i wanted this so bad. I finished the 30 days and i was proud of myself, it changed me in ways i've never thought. Not only did i loose a few pounds/inches, my self esteem went off the roof, i did something super hard for 30 days straight, i didn't give up. And now i'm a few days shy from completing 30 more days to make it 60, are you kidding me?

Now let me explain, by no means i'm i saying this is easy just get up and do it, not at all. What i mean is and i ask myself all these questions sometimes,

How bad do you want it, what are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals, when will you finally take the steps you know you need to take, are you going to let your FEELINGS or the enemy within win this battle, is food that important to you, can you really not help yourself, what example are you setting for your kids, what legacy do you want to leave behind, why oh why don't you just do it?

I ask myself these questions all the time, they keep me pressing towards the goal- I am not a quitter, weigthloss is not a monster set to take me under- I am the monster ready to take this weigth under and out of here! Mind over Matter.. LET'S GO...


Viva la Musica!

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Remember the musical i went to the other night?

It was AMAZING, we loved it. The actors were great, everything was just superd... We're planning a trip to NYC to see it on Broadway...

Look at my BIG smile during

Cameras were not allowed inside during the musical :( but i did manage to take one click at the end of the show..SHHH

I started level 3 of the shred, this level is not as hard as level 2- I hate all the high impact jump especially the rockstar move, not happening over here, i refuse to hurt my knee again. I am going to mix the Shred with the biggest loser last chance workout DVD for the month of February, who's joining me?


And the Winner is!!!

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Please email me your mailing adress!!!
Within 24 hrs- if not, i will pick another winner :)


A Not so very Happy Birthday, and some Shred.

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Today is my sweetheart's birthday! Happy birthday Honey, May Our Lor bless you with many more healthy ones. Sad to say he's been in and out of the bed with a very bad stomach flu :( I've had 2 LONG nights- 4 out of 6 were down with the bug in my home, and i've been spared to care for them ALL.

Things are looking a lot better this evening, this bug seems like is making its way out tonight, let us pray. There's a cake waiting to be cut and is 9:15 pm already, i hope he is able to get up after this tea i made him.

Guess where we are heading tomorrow night! To the Opera house to watch a musical! YEY.. The show is In The Heights

In the Heights tells the universal story of a vibrant community in Manhattan's Washington Heights – a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It's a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind.

I am originally from Washington Heights, NY- I  know i am going to LOVE this show! I think i am going to sleep super early so tomorrow comes FAST.. lol..

On to some Shred update! I;m still holding on strong, extremely tired and all, i have to find 20 minutes to squeeze this in if not, i can become extremely annoyed. Tomorrow i move to level 3, which i find to be easier than level 2 (except for those rockstar jump, totally skip those) I am loosing weight fast because i eat very strict- I will post pictures on day 30- can't find my iphone nowhere. I am looking foward to next month's workout. This summer is going to be awesome for me because i'm finally going to look and feel GREAT.


Corner of the Housetop...

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Proverbs 21:9

It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.

Everytime i read this Bible verse i get a slap in the face reminder as to what i should not be like. But as we  know we all fall short sometimes. Not too long ago, i was experiencing so much stress in my life that i lost sight of what i should and should not do, and gave into my feelings (you know that thing that can toss you back and forth like the waves if you don't take hold of it).
I found myself yelling like a coo coo lady at my kids and being very rude and dis respectful towards my husband. I promise i didn't do this intentionally, i just really didn't care at the moment because i was too busy catering my poor me feelings. As i sit here, i am thinking well sometimes we must go through certain things so that we learn, grow and appreciate what we have, but in this case i don't feel like that, for most part I feel shame and conviction. 
I am ashame of this persona i exposed my family to and convicted because i already know this kind of behavior is wrong, and there's not if or but, is wrong. I can say i learned a few things from the struggles i went through,  they've not gone away, but  through God's guidance i have taken control of my feelings.

Through the storm i'm learning to be more sensitive towards others. "Playing the Holy Spirit" in other people's lives is too often a popular Christian pastime for Christians. We put minding another's conscience and behavior on our daily to-do list. The story of Job is a good example of that- God was working in Job's life, and his friends instead of being loving and compassionate towards him- they assumed he had done something terribly wrong to deserve what he was going through, and instead condemned themselves through judgement. Lord Help us be more like you and understand we are not perfect...
I've asked God to forgive me, and of course apologized to my family as well. God willing i never have to go through it again, but if i come close to it, i will remember this season in my life and the pain i felt greaving God and my family.



Shred update with a GIVEAWAY!

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Shred shred shred! I am sick of it!  Seriously i am. But I love it so much. Is effective, if done right and consistently it delivers the results you want. I took Saturday off because i went out with my husband and needed to get the house and kids ready for babysitter, and plus my body needed a break. I ate not to bad but not great. Today i did level 2 and 20 minutes on the elliptical, i plan on getting back on the elliptical tonight for 30 more minutes. I think my body has hit a plateau, so i need to give it a good kick in the behind with 2x a day workout for this week. (my hubby is not too excited about the 2x a day idea because he knows i can get a little cranky due to being too tired, but i promise i will NOT nag)

On to the GOOD stuff..

I have a COOL post shred workout DVD for one lucky winner! Yes i do. My son bought this DVD for me not knowing i already owned it, so my first thought was GIVEAWAY...

Product Description

In the pre "weigh-in" workouts on NBC’s hit show, "THE BIGGEST LOSER,” you’ve seen contestants push themselves to the limit to reach their weight-loss goals – and now you can too! In this intense Last Chance Workout, trainer Jillian Michaels pulls out all the stops with three workouts that challenge your body to the maximum. But don’t worry, past contestants will be by your side every step of the way. With a unique blend of cardio and strength designed to boost your fat-burning potential, and the motivation to keep going, now’s your chance to step on the scale and lose more weight faster than ever!
Here's how to enter for a chance to win;
Leave me a comment telling me you will join me on this workout.
Tweet about this giveaway- then leave a comment
Blog about this giveaway for another entry- Let me know you did.
and that it!
I will choose a winner through
Giveaway ends 1/24/2010
Oh and if you like to follow my blog you are welcome but not obligated to win :)


My heart is heavy!

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I want to talk a little more about my thoughts and how God's been working with me these days. I've been busy lately suffering and working hard to help as much as i can my neighbors in Haiti. My heart mourns each life lost, and even more those who died slowly burried alive in the rubbles. I wish i could take a plane right now and fly out there to lend a helping hand :(

I was born and raised in New York City, but my parents come from Dominican Republic. To us this hit home, not only because is so close to home but this could of been my country. And now Haitians are crossing the border to Dominican Republic by the Thousands to find refuge in DR. Can you blame them? We're praying for help to come FAST because of possible decease outbreak.

2 days ago as i watched CNN- I saw some people singing, clapping, calling out to God- It moved me and hope filled my heart. One can think how can a loving and merciful God allow such catastrophic events, but the question of the heart is- "Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, why hast Thou made me ?" (Romans 9:20). We do not establish the standars of what is right. There is really no such thing as the “innocent” suffering. "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23) I believe God allow such horrific event for the people of Haiti to turn to Him, give Him glory.

“For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). Let's continue to pray for this country- and look examine our hearts and relationship with our creator- For we shall meet with Him soon, are you ready for that day?


Thoughts of a Desperate Housewive

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Want to know a secret? Theres days i feel as if i am literally going to lose my mind. I reach a point during the day where i  have to run from everything and hide somewhere, and i'm not kidding. You see, things were not as crazy when i had 3 kids, but now with 4 i think i over did it. Today, i thought of those women who have more than 4 kids and wondered how in the world they get by? Yes is important to have a good support system, and i believe i have great support from my husband (who i think is the only obligated to help me, yet i appreciate anyone else who steps in) but is still WAY too much to handle. I know the verse that reads "God does not give you more than what you can handle" and of course i am grateful for ALL my kids, but today i feel like running.

People always tell me "it get's easier as they grow older" Uhmm i am having a hard time believing this. My oldest who's 12 is a sweet humble girl, but do you know it takes lots of prayers and constant eyes on everything she comes across to keep thing in check. Is impossible to keep them under your wings at all times, but one thing for sure, i will die trying to be the best wife, mother God created me to be. A friend said one smart thing to me "anyone can be a mother or father, yet it takes hardworking, dedicated parents to raise great children" I agree, and i'm on board, even if today i'm running to release the pressure.

Now can we talk about trying to stay healthy and fit in all this madness! They say working out releases stress, but in my case it causes more. I stress if i don't work out and just to get to it causes a lot more stress, go figure. Is like another chore, sooooo hard! And if i am overweight, i am miserable and depress too- HA! What gives!!! Oh yeaaaa i just remembered, is a sacrifice i must make for a few months, it won't be like this forever if i do it right. Alright for now i am going to keep pressing through, because God who brought me to will also bring me through it...

Today i was suppouse to do the Shred healthy recipe but what gives i am running- Yesterday i completed day 11 and today day 12 is done also- I am sore from the planks. I increased my weights from 3 to 5lbs and oh boy it burns! Stay encouraged ladies, this race is for valients.


Shred day 10- Bring Level 2- and pics

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Oh boy if my head could talk (WHAT A HEADACHE)!

So tonight we say goodbye to level 1 for now, i am moving up. I only lost 4 pounds on level 1- but my endurance went up a lot, and my back is so much stronger. I ate good but i know i can do better.

Here's some day 10 pics... I didn't take measurements yet because i need to buy me a measuring tape, my son broke the one i had.

Ok on to some b4 and after pics.  I am 10 days into round 2- during the holidays i gained 2 pounds, which set me back a little :( - I am Latina so these Hips don't lie, i am going to like level 2 because it works the thighs really well.
Day 1-10





I don't know what the deal is with this exercise that instead of shrinking my butt, it makes it biggest! That is so annoying.

 Level 1
Weight loss 4lbs

Goal weight loss for level 2

I promise to rock level 2- Things are calming down around here, which means i will have more time on my handto plan out my days better. So i pray...


Shred Day 9 A Wanna be Jillian!

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Watching The Biggest Loser always puts things in perspective for me. Didn't i tell you guys that weekend 2 was one of the hardest?  Uhmm yea that's what BL today was all about, pushing HARD through this week.

Today, i am looking through my blog roll and unfortunately some have dropped completely others are barely holding on to the 20 days we have left on this 30 day challenge. I mean don't get me wrong you need a day off, is cool take it but don't forget to  eat right and get right back the next day on the race. The race to a better YOU.

 I can't see myself giving up on this goal to a healthy and fit me :) I am not willing to postpone weight loss to when i am older and it becomes harder for me to get rid of all this baggage. I know eating chocolate, soda, pizza you name it- feels so good- yet working out and eating right is the last thing we want to do, why? I am so done with it! One day a week i will eat a little extra but right now, i am on a race. We have to get through the hard days, stop letting our feelings toss us like the wave. Take control of your feelings and stay in the race, the finish line is so rewarding!

Shred day 8- In Him all things are possible

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I hate posting so late, yet is impossible to find time during the day to sit and blog these days. I finish day eight of the shred plus my 30 minutes of cardio.

Just when we thought opening a business was enough to deal with, we seem to be hit with curve balls over and over these days. You know what happens when we rely on God and accept Him as having total control, we fly smoothly and land without a scratch. When you think you've hit the end of the rope and the finish line is nowhere to be seen, surrender yourself to Him, the Alpha and Omega, because in Him only- eternal victory is obtained.

In my walk, God knows how much He will allow me to go through- so anything i am dealing with right now, is only to make me grow in Him. I have thick skin and for a moment in my walk i forgot that, but I have one who lifts me up and reminds me where i've been and from where i was brought. With that said i press on towards the finish line, I can only do what God allows and wants me to do. There's no stopping me now, i'm so focused even when the world is screaming, failure, God is saying with me ALL things are possible...


Shred day 7, and some talk

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7 days of straight exercise never felt so good, i am loving my posture the most. My family, my #1 supporters, felt compelled to share with me how great i look (made me all gitty inside) how i should keep doing what i am doing because is evident exercise makes me happy. I am grateful to them for their love and support.

My knees are screaming at me everytime i workout, i think i am going to have to pull out my Advils and Icy/hot for the next few days. The days ahead are going to be rough in terms to exercise, is hard to workout everyday, but the goal needs to be met.

Aside from a few hurtles with my 8yr old son, the weekend was great! My husband and i spent some quality time together, which was real good for us. Today we went shopping for our business, we took ALL 4 kids who thank God behaved really well.

I need to run to bed, is 12:55am (another late night for me) I have a VERY busy day tomorrow, which i plan on sharing more about with ya'll later when i get things in order..

God bless :)


Round 2 of the Shred Day 6

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It's 2:30 in the AM - I know crazy late.. But i can't let today pass without saying i completed day 6- but ate horrible..Yup i did :(  Oh well tomorrow is a new day, and i promise to make the best of it..


Round 2 of the Shred day 5- My Goodies

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Today's workout was so good. Did you know i lost 3 lbs already? yes i did. I'm so concious of what i eat, yet don't feel as if i am starving myself. I am confused as to why when i was doing my first 30 day Shred challenge i was able to do Nataly style push ups with no problem, but now my arms hurt so bad i do them Anita style, oh well at least i do them.

Since this is my second time around doing the 30 days shred, which really for me is day 35 but i am starting off fresh because 1. i still have a lot of weight to loose 2. I am working out harder than before. The reason i stick to 10 days in each level is because my intensity gets better each time i workout so i'm able to give each circuit my all and see the results i'm working so hard to get. If i jump levels too quick my body might start wearing out faster, which can lead to that dreaded word QUITTING.

I want to share some of my healthy goodies with you, that i enjoy eating and i would like for you to do the same... I started a Mcklinky so we can all share snacks, meals, or drinks on our blog.The way you do it is, write a post on your blog of your 30 day shred healthy Eat, and then come to this Mcklinky and link your blog so others can see.. I will do this every Friday.

This Friday is Healthy Snacks here are some of my favorite...

I love this not only because it helps regulate your diggest system, but they are yummy and have fiber.

I have to be very careful with these bars right here, they are so tasty you stay craving for more

Well that is it for now.. But what are your favorite healthy snacks?


Round 2 of the Shred day 4

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I have to apologyze for being such a sloppy blogger lately. I am crazy busy around here with 2 big kids back at school, 4yr old adjusting to preschool and a teething 8 month old, and if that was the least of everything our restaurant which we've been working day and night, is so close to open and things are getting very busy.

Day 4 of shredding was good but i had to skip my elliptical time because i had to go buy some stuff for the restaurant (sigh) sorry for the short update but i have to head to bed (i am way toooooo tired) but i promise i will answer all your emails tomorrow or this weekend..
God Bless you , i appreciate all my readers sooo much.. Thanks for stopping by..


Round 2-- Shred Day 3

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Today i was riding the emotional roller coaster. I woke up to a 4 yr old crying at the top of his lungs because he did  not want to go to pre-school. He was on vacation for 2 weeks and that threw him off a bit. I was determined not to baby him too much once i got to his class room, and that's exactly what i did, dropped and rolled out. He was yelling in the classroom and i was crying like a baby in my car. But once again when  dad picked him up, he's all excited and saying how much he loves school and can't wait until tomorrow.. Geesh the things us mom have to go through for these little people.

OK on to the good stuff - SHRED DAY 3

I am a little sore on the abs and feel over worked because sleep has been almost non existent for me. I LOVE  this workout because it gives FAST results. I am being smart this time and eating well for maximum results. Even though my body is used to working out, is still hard for me to finish strong, those bicycle crunches ladies are no joke but so good, they too are my favorite.

One thing that has me a little concern are my knees, they are stronger but they still hurt everytime i work out. I pray they stay strong, i am going to have to treat them with icy/hot and advil to prevent further injury.

I know each level, especially level 1 can get a little boring after the first few days but i think we should stick to each level for 10 days each for best results.

Tonight i will satisfy my sweets cravings with this-

Steph what you think? not as fun as your last night craving

27 days to gooooo!!!!

Round 2 of the Shred day 2

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I have to make this quick! My hubby is harrasing me to go to sleep early tonight. I was so cranky this morning from  lack of sleep.. I am not sore which makes me think i need to get my 5lbs weight tomorrow...

Ugh ok i really have to goooo!!!  I AM ROOTING FOR ALL THE LADIES ON BOARD.. I promise to ride with ya'll to the end, stick with it guess what???  we only have

28 days to gooooooo!!!!


Round 2 of the Shred Day 1

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I know i am going to feel it tomorrow, i did the whole workout Nataly style. I think i pushed myself a little too hard today but whatever, we will deal with that tomorrow.

Everyone at home is on board with me again on this 30 day shred journey. That my friends is super important because you will need the support from those who daily impact your life. My husband is right on with me, i asked him to be my #1 cheerleader/supporter, for this is very important to me. I am so done being un happy with my weigth, and i am doing something about it.

In order to accomplish my 30 day goal, i am going to need some serious mental and feelings battles to fight against, that is how i was able to pull the previous 30 days. There will be days when i will cry because i will not feel like working out or i might be too tired, i am expecting this, but i am not giving in to the feelings. I'm committed to this, and i will pull through. I can maybe lie to anyone i come across, but is impossible to lie to myself, and with that said there is NO room for excuses.

For those who have begun this challenge, please keep in mind that this will NOT be easy, yet impossible is not. Start slow, work your way into the workout and don't push your body too hard because you will soon and i mean real soon get discouraged. Embrace each workout, love it and enjoy it, goodness is ONLY 20 minutes :) There will also be days you will think about doing the workout for hours, and when you get to it you will kick yourself in the butt for wasting so much time thinking about those mere 20 minutes you knocked out like nothing. Mind over Matter! This is what it takes to become healthy and feel better, congratulations we are on our way..

Levels breakdown

Level 1- 10 days- Post pics
Level 2- 10 days- Post pics
Level 3- 10 days- Post pics

Let's go Ladies, we can do it!!!


30 Day Shred Challenge Day 1- Meet the Shredders

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I must be a Shred junkie because the excitement i feel is crazy.

 Shredders We will meet at my Blog Frog Community for daily exercise log. You can discuss ANYTHING  you wish.

Ok people i present to you, The Shredders. If you wish to follow their journey and encourage them just like you did with me through my previous 30 day Shred, you are more than welcome :) 

Denise- My Crazy Life

Eu-La- Journey Through Life

Melanie- Shredding off The Pounds

Erica- Erica 30 day Shred Blog

Anyone is welcome to join us on this challenge, but only these ladies who entered before the closing date are eligible to win the Shred Contest.
I am so excited for you ALL, this program if you stick with it will change your life and put you on the road to a healthier life.


Last Day to Win, but NOT to Enter!

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Did you know if you enter the Shred Challenge TODAY you qualify for the Shred challenge giveaway? Well yeah, hurry up enter.

Those who enter a day too late, are still welcome to join us but will not be eligible to enter the contest (sorry i want to be fair on dates)

HURRY Mcklinky closes tonight at midnight, Eastern time!


More 30 day Shred Challenge talk...

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First off i made us a button if you wish to add to your blog.. Link up so others can join in as well..


Have you linked your blog to the 30 day Shred Challenge giveaway? if not, the link is below..For more details on the giveaway click HERE

Andrea who's joining us on the shred challenge made a great suggestion. She suggested we do a weekly Shred Menu MEME or blog hop (however one calls these Mcklinky thingy) where we can all share healthy recipes, snacks or anything that can help us shred these pounds. What you guys think?


My Shred Menu plan Week 1

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As some of you know i don't do great with dieting, i mean anything with the word die in it seems painful. When i did the 30 day Shred i didn't do any crazy diet, but moderated what i ate. This time around i want to do it a little different.

I will moderate what i eat a little tiny better than last time.

my menu plan for this week
  • Skim milk (or 1%)
  • Vegetables
  • Chicken & turkey
  • Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
  • Water gallons 1 a day
  • Wheat Bread
  • 2 Tuna Fish cans
  • Fat free Mayo
  • Apples and Grapes
  • Snack Bars
  • Yogurt
Breakfast:  Honey Bunches of Oats- Skim Milk--- Coffee (skim milk)

Snack: Apple or Grapes

Lunch: Turkey or Tuna Fish sandwich

Snack:  Oats Bar or Yogurt

Dinner: Chicken and Vegetables or Chicken and Mash Potatoes with Green Beans

Eliminate as much sweets as possible

Water, Water and more Water through out the day!!!

This is an example of what works for me according to what i like, but you get the idea.