Round 2 of the Shred day 2

I have to make this quick! My hubby is harrasing me to go to sleep early tonight. I was so cranky this morning from  lack of sleep.. I am not sore which makes me think i need to get my 5lbs weight tomorrow...

Ugh ok i really have to goooo!!!  I AM ROOTING FOR ALL THE LADIES ON BOARD.. I promise to ride with ya'll to the end, stick with it guess what???  we only have

28 days to gooooooo!!!!

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Cindy said...

Great job!!! I'm impressed that you did the whole thing "Natalie style" and don't have sore arms!

Yesterday was my Day 1, and I am feeling it today! I took some Advil about 30 minutes ago, and am working out today in about 30 minutes.

Andrea said...

Good Job!! I have been using 3 pound weights and have been pretty sore. I need to go buy some 5 pound ones. I feel you on being cranky. I had a shorter fuse today with my kido's and I think it's because I am sore. Love your Advil idea. Think I'll have to do that again today.