Week 2 Of the Lose 5-10lbs in May

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Can't believe we are on day 9 already!!!!

I've been doing good, lost 2lbs which is not great but its better than a gain any day. I've been working out inside on my elliptical because it's been raining and a bit cold over here. I am definitely eating good, especially no eating after 7pm.  I also drink lots of water AND my whey protein shake everyday for lunch or dinner.

My husband and i have been taking time to go out for lunch at least every other day. We decided to take this time while the kids are at school and our restaurant is fully staffed and running smooth. I've learned how to eat out. I avoid bread, stick to water or flavored water mainly stick to greens, chicken or fish.

I chose to eat whatever i want on Sundays because let's face it, food is just way too good :) One thing i've been doing wring is not getting enough sleep which can affect weight loss tremendously, i plan on changing that from tonight on.

Let's keep pressing on ladies, if you look at this like a change how you eat and live rather than trying too hard to lose the weight you already won the battle.

So tell me about you, how are your goals coming along?


I Created a New Blog for ALL things Deals!

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Yes i did. I want to keep this blog to write about inspirational and weigh loss topics. My  New Blog  brings you all the deals i can find to save you money.

Hop on Over to check out all HOT deals - and the ones i snubbed this week.

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Lose 5-10lb in May Challenge Begins TODAY!

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 Hello friends! Are you ready for this  challenge? OK remember no strenuous exercise or diet required,  exercise and healthy eating will do.

Today, I plan on doing 30min on my elliptical and plan out my meals for the week. I will log meal and exercise ideas every week along with whatever progress i make, you are more than welcome to do the same in my community.

Week One challenge:

Lean and sexy arms

Every week i will add one challenge for us to take on. This week we will concentrate on working on our arms. How? with push ups. Let's start with 5 push ups every other day and as you build upper body strength you can increase reps.

There you have it, stay focus on the task at hand eliminate all distractions and temptations. You are doing this for YOU and no one else. YOU want this, let's get it.