No Yelling Challenge Update

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  OK so the "No yelling for a week challenge" officially ends tomorrow. Yesterday i yelled not only at one of my kids but 2 of them. I was in one of those "whatever" moods and my 5yr apparently was in "i will not listen today no matter what" mode.

Even though i didn't stick to the plan, I don't feel as if I failed this challenge completely. Due to this task learned how to stop, breath and act instead of yelling. Now as soon as i see the situation escalating to where i might have to yell or get super irritated i pause, pull the child to the side and address the situation correctly. I can only pray that i can continue applying this to my DAILY life.

Basically that's it for that.. Is all about action from here on...With God ALL things are possible :)


No Yelling for a week challenge

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Alright people i have a challenge at hand and i want you to join me. The challenge is " no yelling at your kids for week" what you say, you with me?

I can't believe I'm setting myself up for this one. All i keep thinking in my head is "will i be able to actually pull this one off"? but I WILL, why not?  First let me clarify something (or make myself feel a little better) I DON"T go on rampages and scream at  my kids on a daily basis. I have those moments each day when i let out 2, 3 or maybe 4 loud "PICK UP YOUR SHOES, STOP HITTING, I SAID NOOOOO". I understand this approach will only make kids listen at that very moment, if that, what i mean is kids don't always think "i should pick up my shoes or mom will yell all the time", on the contrary they have a way of blocking you and go right back to the old behaviour the next day. In fact they will actually imitate your crazy yelling before they ever do what you YELL at them to do.

So today, November 23-30 i am taking up this one week challenge with the hope of eliminating this non effective, unproductive behaviour FOR EVER!!!

Care to join me?