Round 2 of the Shred Day 1

I know i am going to feel it tomorrow, i did the whole workout Nataly style. I think i pushed myself a little too hard today but whatever, we will deal with that tomorrow.

Everyone at home is on board with me again on this 30 day shred journey. That my friends is super important because you will need the support from those who daily impact your life. My husband is right on with me, i asked him to be my #1 cheerleader/supporter, for this is very important to me. I am so done being un happy with my weigth, and i am doing something about it.

In order to accomplish my 30 day goal, i am going to need some serious mental and feelings battles to fight against, that is how i was able to pull the previous 30 days. There will be days when i will cry because i will not feel like working out or i might be too tired, i am expecting this, but i am not giving in to the feelings. I'm committed to this, and i will pull through. I can maybe lie to anyone i come across, but is impossible to lie to myself, and with that said there is NO room for excuses.

For those who have begun this challenge, please keep in mind that this will NOT be easy, yet impossible is not. Start slow, work your way into the workout and don't push your body too hard because you will soon and i mean real soon get discouraged. Embrace each workout, love it and enjoy it, goodness is ONLY 20 minutes :) There will also be days you will think about doing the workout for hours, and when you get to it you will kick yourself in the butt for wasting so much time thinking about those mere 20 minutes you knocked out like nothing. Mind over Matter! This is what it takes to become healthy and feel better, congratulations we are on our way..

Levels breakdown

Level 1- 10 days- Post pics
Level 2- 10 days- Post pics
Level 3- 10 days- Post pics

Let's go Ladies, we can do it!!!

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Miss X said...

I didn't sign up for the contest (not brave enough to post pics on my blog...I like to keep it anonymous) but thanks so much for putting this together. I definitely need the encouragement!

Wendy said...

Ugh...I forgot yesterday was the start day! oh well I will still do it...not for the challenge or prize but for ME! I'll just be a day behind!

Andrea said...

Jackie, I just love your posts. They give me so much inspiration! Thank you for the motivation and for all you do!

I'm not sure if you are thinking of doing another contest round after this go round, but if so maybe each one of us participating could send in $5 to $10 to go towards the next contest prizes? Just an idea!!

A great qoute I heard the other day that I keep thinking of when I decide what to eat through out the day..."Nothing tastes as good being skinny feels."

Happy Tuesday to everyone.

Jackiedlc said...

Miss X and Wendy awesome that you guys joined..Welcome and remember to visit my blog frog community for daily logs

Katie Jo said...

Hey Jackie-
I just wanted to make sure I'm doing things right... I signed up to be part of the challenge and was listed on your post "Meet the Shredders", but I don't see my name under "January Shredders" on your main blog page... Did I do something wrong, or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong thing?? I know I signed up intime, so I just wanted to check in to make sure I'm doing things right! Let me know-- Katie

Christine:) said...

Jackie, you are such an amazing motivator! I have too many things on my plate right now to commit to the Shred, but I am hoping to do it soon.....or so I'd like to think;) Anyways, you are such an inspiration and I love reading your blog to see how far you have come, and how far you are helping other women come along with their workouts as well:)

happygal said...

Thanks for inspiring all of us!