30 Day Shred Challenge Day 1- Meet the Shredders

I must be a Shred junkie because the excitement i feel is crazy.

 Shredders We will meet at my Blog Frog Community for daily exercise log. You can discuss ANYTHING  you wish.

Ok people i present to you, The Shredders. If you wish to follow their journey and encourage them just like you did with me through my previous 30 day Shred, you are more than welcome :) 

Denise- My Crazy Life

Eu-La- Journey Through Life

Melanie- Shredding off The Pounds

Erica- Erica 30 day Shred Blog

Anyone is welcome to join us on this challenge, but only these ladies who entered before the closing date are eligible to win the Shred Contest.
I am so excited for you ALL, this program if you stick with it will change your life and put you on the road to a healthier life.

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happygal said...

Is it too late to jump on board? I stopped by Target this morning in an "enough is enough" moment and picked up my copy. I will be starting tonight.

Jackiedlc said...

NOt at all!!!

I maybe can even enter you into the contest! uhmmm

Ok your

You did awesome just getting to it, you wont regret it a bit..not even when you are sore

Melanie said...

I would love to join in! I know I am late for the contest but would love to join in for the encouragement.

This is my weight loss blog.

Cass said...

I want to join too. I didn't enter yet because I haven't gotten my video. I have ordered it, and I'm hoping it will show up in the mail today.

ShreddingMommy said...

I have decided to try again tomorrow instead of wait until next week. I am determined! (lol) I am going to make my daughter clean up her room and lock myself in there tomorrow for my first day of the 30 Day Shred. I can't wait! What little bit I got to do today was HARD. =)

Cindy said...

Good luck, ladies!!! I don't have The Shred, but have heard about it. I'll be watching how you guys do to see if it looks like it would work for me!!!

Go, go, go!

Erica said...

I'm too late but I want to join! Here is my weight loss blog:

Chasity said...

Hi Jackie,
Just letting you know that I too am following along on the journey. I didn't enter the contest but I am still interested in taking the Challenge and keeping up with you guys at your Community ;) I started on Jan 2, so today is Day 3 for me.


Cindy said...

Hi Jackie, I commented earlier that I wasn't doing the challenge (I know I'm too late for the contest)...but it just keeps popping back into my mind. In other words, I know my subconscious is telling me to JUST DO IT. Hubby is at WM buying Diet Coke, so I called him and asked him to pick it up.

I'll be shredding along with you!

Anonymous said...

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