Last Day to Win, but NOT to Enter!

Did you know if you enter the Shred Challenge TODAY you qualify for the Shred challenge giveaway? Well yeah, hurry up enter.

Those who enter a day too late, are still welcome to join us but will not be eligible to enter the contest (sorry i want to be fair on dates)

HURRY Mcklinky closes tonight at midnight, Eastern time!

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Anonymous said...

Your taking this Shred stuff serious, wow! You go girl! Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Terri (the jelly lady)

Anonymous said...

What if i don't have a blog but want to join? What do I do?

Jackiedlc said...

OOOh yea Terri this workout changed me soo much i want to encourage and help others also...

Anyone can join!!!

If you have a Blog you can enter the $50 dollar contest..

No blog- Email me pictures at the end of the contest and i will pick a winner for $25 Dollar Visa card.
The person who emails me the best results win..

Anyone can join us ... You will all WIN if you stick to the workout..

Jennifer said...

Sign me up Jackie, I do not have a blog but will email you pictures.

Andrea said...

All signed up!! Can't wait!!

Jackiedlc said...

OK Jennifer Got Ya!

Andrea I am SUPER excited also! I know what 30 days of this can do to one's body.

My first 30 day shred experience changed me BIG time, i can only anticipate what 30 more will do..

Let's do this Girls!!!