Round 2 of the Shred Day 6

It's 2:30 in the AM - I know crazy late.. But i can't let today pass without saying i completed day 6- but ate horrible..Yup i did :(  Oh well tomorrow is a new day, and i promise to make the best of it..

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HD said...

No guilt! You worked out which is a huge step. Tomorrow is a new day! (o:

Stiletto Cowgirl said...

Today is another day Jackie. Don't give up. Think how far you have come since starting this journey. Have a great day.

Andrea said...

No guilt!! A personal trainer that my sister and I used to go to said that everyone should allow themselves one day a week when you can semi-bad like your go out to eat day. She said this will help keep you on the right path and make eating right a lifetime thing. I fell off the banwagon this weekend but will be back on tomorrow.