Round 2 of the Shred day 5- My Goodies

Today's workout was so good. Did you know i lost 3 lbs already? yes i did. I'm so concious of what i eat, yet don't feel as if i am starving myself. I am confused as to why when i was doing my first 30 day Shred challenge i was able to do Nataly style push ups with no problem, but now my arms hurt so bad i do them Anita style, oh well at least i do them.

Since this is my second time around doing the 30 days shred, which really for me is day 35 but i am starting off fresh because 1. i still have a lot of weight to loose 2. I am working out harder than before. The reason i stick to 10 days in each level is because my intensity gets better each time i workout so i'm able to give each circuit my all and see the results i'm working so hard to get. If i jump levels too quick my body might start wearing out faster, which can lead to that dreaded word QUITTING.

I want to share some of my healthy goodies with you, that i enjoy eating and i would like for you to do the same... I started a Mcklinky so we can all share snacks, meals, or drinks on our blog.The way you do it is, write a post on your blog of your 30 day shred healthy Eat, and then come to this Mcklinky and link your blog so others can see.. I will do this every Friday.

This Friday is Healthy Snacks here are some of my favorite...

I love this not only because it helps regulate your diggest system, but they are yummy and have fiber.

I have to be very careful with these bars right here, they are so tasty you stay craving for more

Well that is it for now.. But what are your favorite healthy snacks?

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Cindy said...

You're doing so great! Very encouraging! Good idea about the healthy snacks! Let me think on that, and then I'll share next Friday!

Andrea said...

Awesome Job losing 3 pounds already! Wooo Hoo!! I love the idea of sharing snacks too!