Round 2 of the Shred day 4

I have to apologyze for being such a sloppy blogger lately. I am crazy busy around here with 2 big kids back at school, 4yr old adjusting to preschool and a teething 8 month old, and if that was the least of everything our restaurant which we've been working day and night, is so close to open and things are getting very busy.

Day 4 of shredding was good but i had to skip my elliptical time because i had to go buy some stuff for the restaurant (sigh) sorry for the short update but i have to head to bed (i am way toooooo tired) but i promise i will answer all your emails tomorrow or this weekend..
God Bless you , i appreciate all my readers sooo much.. Thanks for stopping by..

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Jamee said...

Hopefully things calm down for you! BTW - you've got two blog awards awaiting you on my blog!

HD said...

Good luck with the restaurant opening. Shredding is the perfect thing for you right now to keep your stress level lower! I can't imagine what you and your husband are going through it get it in order

Jessica K. said...

Hey there!!
I live in Germany and ordered the 30 day shred over and today was my first day! I dont need to loose weight, but I am doing it with my best friend, she has weight problems and would never do it alone.
Now let me tell you how sad it is. The warm up was already killing me. How embarassing is that!? And the push ups!? It was tough!!
I hope it gets better! My arms are sore already, no clue how they will funtion tomorrow!
Since my best friend is in even worse shape (she had to stop several times but after a couple of seconds she joined me again) than me we decided to do every level 20 days (we will know the workout by heart thats for sure). So we will have a 60 day workout and hopefully it will help her loose weight and help my body to be healthier!!

Reflections in My Mirror said...

Keep it up girl! I read your updates everyday in order to keep myself motivated!