How I stay Motivated

I've never been overweight but 4 yrs ago all that changed very quickly. After i had my 3rd child i kind of let myself go, i ate out ALL the time and enjoyed the good life (i have the muffin top to show for it) While i was doing this damage to myself i never thought about my weight, i just ate whatever whenever. And then people started asking me what was wrong, or even funnier some din't even recognize me (yea thanks for that one)  i began to feel MISERABLE- I was so disgusted with myself it made me sick.
I signed up to the gym lost 20 lbs in 2 months and after that i bought my elliptical, worked out at home ALL the time, yet ate anything i wanted, which keep me at a set weight (mind you i still had 30 lbs to loose). Then BOOM i became pregnant with my 4th child, and was very cautious of my weight through the pregnancy which helped. As soon as the Doctor gave me the OK to workout, i was at it again. I jumped on my elliptical almost everyday, lost all my prenancy weight and them i came across the 30 day Shred.

Thank God i found this workout because i would of sunked into a really funky state if i didn't do something about the weight. I started doing some 30 day Shred research online, found a few ladies who did it and had great results. I remember the night before i started i had a LONG talk with myself

ME: You will get this program done everyday no matter what. You can't quit this, it works just stick with it! You are to blame if you don't accomplish you goals, you will be sad, you will not be healthy and you will fail once again.
Nope not me. Starting the Shred i didn't know what i got myself into, i wanted to quit so bad- Lord knows i cried many nights because i wanted to give up, but i couldn't, i wanted this so bad. I finished the 30 days and i was proud of myself, it changed me in ways i've never thought. Not only did i loose a few pounds/inches, my self esteem went off the roof, i did something super hard for 30 days straight, i didn't give up. And now i'm a few days shy from completing 30 more days to make it 60, are you kidding me?

Now let me explain, by no means i'm i saying this is easy just get up and do it, not at all. What i mean is and i ask myself all these questions sometimes,

How bad do you want it, what are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals, when will you finally take the steps you know you need to take, are you going to let your FEELINGS or the enemy within win this battle, is food that important to you, can you really not help yourself, what example are you setting for your kids, what legacy do you want to leave behind, why oh why don't you just do it?

I ask myself these questions all the time, they keep me pressing towards the goal- I am not a quitter, weigthloss is not a monster set to take me under- I am the monster ready to take this weigth under and out of here! Mind over Matter.. LET'S GO...

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Braley Mama said...

You are so inspirational!

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful post! I needed to hear that today after taking 3 days off of the Shred! Eeek. I however have not even tried to do it 30 days in a row, so I could let my body rest one day. Going from nothing to 6 days a week was hard enough!

You are inspiring! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to Shred...I needed that little kick in the booty! ;o)

Cindy said...

Love it, Jackie! You are AWESOME!

HD said...

I can't believe someone didn't recognize you. That's so hurtful. I know my weight gain has kept me from doing so many things (reunions, seeing old friends, swimming...).
Thanks for getting me on track Jackie.

Cop Mama said...

Your commitment is very admirable. I think you've helped a lot of people by supporting the Shred workout, even if you don't realize it. Keep up the good work!

Christine:) said...

Amazing inspiration! P.S. I love Elizabeth George- I read a book of hers a while back ("Women of the Bible"? I can't remember the title right now) and it was fantastic. Good luck with your book club!