I'm pumped about my next 30 days to equal 90 days of the Shred.

Something terrible happened to me 3 days ago, the power cord to my elliptical broke, and i've been extremely annoyed with it. I've been doing the Shred but my elliptical is my baby when it comes to exercise. I was going to buy the cord this weekend but with birthday parties to attend, i've had no time. Tomorrow i will go EVERYWHERE looking for a cord that will do.

I can't explain how much i love the Shred, i don't think i will find another workout like this. Doing level 3 made me realize just how awesome this wokout can be. For those who are planning on doing the Shred for round 2, to complete 60 days, if you are using 3lbs weights upgrade to 5, if you are using 5 move up to 8lbs, you will see better results if you do.

I'm going to be a Shred momma for life- Bring on the next 30 days.. It can only get better from here.. :)

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Kate said...

You are so awesome, Jackie!!!!

I'm taking a break from shredding to give my knees a break. Back at it tomorrow though :-)

Kasey said...

I'm going to start the shred! I just hope i can stick to it even though i just had knee surgery a little over a month ago. i will just have to modify a few things. i'm also going to start working out at my college's gym b/c they have an elliptcal machine and my doctor said that was the best thing for me to use!

I want to see picture TODAY WOMAN!! i want to see your results!