Thoughts of a Desperate Housewive

Want to know a secret? Theres days i feel as if i am literally going to lose my mind. I reach a point during the day where i  have to run from everything and hide somewhere, and i'm not kidding. You see, things were not as crazy when i had 3 kids, but now with 4 i think i over did it. Today, i thought of those women who have more than 4 kids and wondered how in the world they get by? Yes is important to have a good support system, and i believe i have great support from my husband (who i think is the only obligated to help me, yet i appreciate anyone else who steps in) but is still WAY too much to handle. I know the verse that reads "God does not give you more than what you can handle" and of course i am grateful for ALL my kids, but today i feel like running.

People always tell me "it get's easier as they grow older" Uhmm i am having a hard time believing this. My oldest who's 12 is a sweet humble girl, but do you know it takes lots of prayers and constant eyes on everything she comes across to keep thing in check. Is impossible to keep them under your wings at all times, but one thing for sure, i will die trying to be the best wife, mother God created me to be. A friend said one smart thing to me "anyone can be a mother or father, yet it takes hardworking, dedicated parents to raise great children" I agree, and i'm on board, even if today i'm running to release the pressure.

Now can we talk about trying to stay healthy and fit in all this madness! They say working out releases stress, but in my case it causes more. I stress if i don't work out and just to get to it causes a lot more stress, go figure. Is like another chore, sooooo hard! And if i am overweight, i am miserable and depress too- HA! What gives!!! Oh yeaaaa i just remembered, is a sacrifice i must make for a few months, it won't be like this forever if i do it right. Alright for now i am going to keep pressing through, because God who brought me to will also bring me through it...

Today i was suppouse to do the Shred healthy recipe but what gives i am running- Yesterday i completed day 11 and today day 12 is done also- I am sore from the planks. I increased my weights from 3 to 5lbs and oh boy it burns! Stay encouraged ladies, this race is for valients.

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Cop Mama said...

Hang in there, friend. Parenting is the hardest job you or I will ever have. We have good days and we have bad days. I'm glad you have a blog to come to and vent. Hey, feel free to stop over on Mondays to my blog and vent your Mama Guilt. I don't know if you knew I have a meme. Feel free to join in. It's kind of nice to know we are not alone!

Hope that helps :-)

Kate said...

I have certainly felt this way, my friend. Are you able to do something special just for you?

I hope tomorrow is better for you.


StephF said...

I have four, and I have days like that! You can make it though... Like you said, God will see you through it.

Sometimes I think my struggle is that I want to do things in my own power & I forget to lean on HIM. :-)

Cindy said...

Thanks for your motivating words, Jackie!

Hang in there, friend.

Andrea said...

Your posts are always motivating. Thank you for keeping it real. I only have two little one's and a 15 year old step son and sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind!!! We all have those days!! You are doing awesome!