Shred day 10- Bring Level 2- and pics

Oh boy if my head could talk (WHAT A HEADACHE)!

So tonight we say goodbye to level 1 for now, i am moving up. I only lost 4 pounds on level 1- but my endurance went up a lot, and my back is so much stronger. I ate good but i know i can do better.

Here's some day 10 pics... I didn't take measurements yet because i need to buy me a measuring tape, my son broke the one i had.

Ok on to some b4 and after pics.  I am 10 days into round 2- during the holidays i gained 2 pounds, which set me back a little :( - I am Latina so these Hips don't lie, i am going to like level 2 because it works the thighs really well.
Day 1-10





I don't know what the deal is with this exercise that instead of shrinking my butt, it makes it biggest! That is so annoying.

 Level 1
Weight loss 4lbs

Goal weight loss for level 2

I promise to rock level 2- Things are calming down around here, which means i will have more time on my handto plan out my days better. So i pray...

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HD said...

Look at that sexy waist! You go Jackie, that's awesome!

Is the before pic from the first Shred or your second go round?

Alison said...

You are such an inspiration. You are looking so good. Keep up the good work.

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks Holly-Even though i feel as if i could of done more if life wasn't so crazy around here...

All these are new pics- I took it on day 1 of round 2 of the shred..

eu_la said...


Kate said...

Level 2 was hard.


Oh sweet mercy, my knees are killing me and I want to give up.

I won't though.

Your pics are AMAZING. You are lookin' HAWT.

Shannon said...

Jackie I have finally started my Shred!!! I am currently on day one and it was hard to do LOL

I was showing my husband your before and after pics...he is having a hard time grasping what I am trying to acheive. I have to say that I find it humorous how similar your before body and my right now body are..I will get a pic on my blog tomorrow...but now that he sees what it is that I am wanting to do he gets it :)

And let me just say you are looking dang had how many kid? I dont buy it :)

My Heart said...

Fantastic! You are doing a fantastic job! Congratulations on your accomplishments! So appy for you!

Chrissy said...

I'm late in joining you (as far as finding your page) but I'm working this program, too! :o) Your pictures are very encouraging...thanks!

Stiletto Cowgirl said...

Jackie you look great! Keep doing what you are doing because it is working!

That booty is amazing. I think mine is getting bigger too. I think it is the squats and lunges.

Andrea said... look wonderful!! All your hard work is really showing!!