Shred day 8- In Him all things are possible

I hate posting so late, yet is impossible to find time during the day to sit and blog these days. I finish day eight of the shred plus my 30 minutes of cardio.

Just when we thought opening a business was enough to deal with, we seem to be hit with curve balls over and over these days. You know what happens when we rely on God and accept Him as having total control, we fly smoothly and land without a scratch. When you think you've hit the end of the rope and the finish line is nowhere to be seen, surrender yourself to Him, the Alpha and Omega, because in Him only- eternal victory is obtained.

In my walk, God knows how much He will allow me to go through- so anything i am dealing with right now, is only to make me grow in Him. I have thick skin and for a moment in my walk i forgot that, but I have one who lifts me up and reminds me where i've been and from where i was brought. With that said i press on towards the finish line, I can only do what God allows and wants me to do. There's no stopping me now, i'm so focused even when the world is screaming, failure, God is saying with me ALL things are possible...

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Cop Mama said...

I love this image. Beautiful!