Taking a break from Jillian to meet Mr. P90X

I got the call i was waiting for today. A dear friend of mine had said to me 2 weeks ago she owned the P90X but wanted to try Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred before she tried P90X. After some chatting she asked if i wanted to borrow the P90X, i paused for a second because truthfully i am scared of this workout- but without further thought i said yes bring it on!

When i hung up the phone i had the same feeling i felt before starting the Shred, this will be hard but i am up for the challenge. I jumped online to check before and after results on google image and now i am pumped and excited to start on Monday 2/22/10


I know that after doing the Shred for sixty something days and jogging outside i can say i am ready for this. Shred i love you but i think is time i move on, i will forever be grateful for helping me through this Journey

I know nothing about P90X- only that is hard but WORKS

Check this lady out, she impressed me BIG time..  

Who's brave enough to start with me? Let me know, i am starting this Monday

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Braley Mama said...

Wow that lady does look awesome! Maybe I should check this out!

Alison said...

You can do it. I love all the tapes but plyometrics. It is hard and kicks my butt. There is a website I will find for you that has the 3 versions that you can do. I am doing the classic. But, a friend of mine is doing the lean. Also, there is a spreadsheet to keep track of your weight and reps.

Your going have a love/hate relationship with it.

Kate said...

Ok first of all - you are gorgeous!!!!

Second..I miss checking in with the shredders, but I haven't been doing it for the last couple of weeks. My motivation is gone. :-( So sad. BUT I've kept my 10 lbs off so that's good. If I do 10 lbs at a time and take a break that isn't so bad...right? RIGHT!? ;-)

Good luck on this next gig - I saw an infomercial on it the other night and was all WHAAAA!?!? It's hard core baby, but if anyone can rock it then it will be you!


TryN2FitN said...

P90X is spectacular, you will get excellent results, especially from the pull ups. Hubby and I did it, but now we are shredding, lol. Good luck, wishing you excellent results.

Traci Michele said...

I'll have to check it out! I love the 30 day shred, but always up for something new, fun, and that gets results!

So nice to meet you! I'm now following your adorable blog!

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