P90X Day 5 Legs, Back and Abs

Today's workout was hard yet fun! I worked out with my brother's girlfriend today who wanted to try it and  did pretty well for a first time... The leg workout is intense, it burns oh so good. I hate lundges with a passion yet they work really well on my bum. Believe me when i tell you that 60 minutes of workout with Tony Horton go by FAST, they don't drag or you don't feel like you want to quit.

I'm getting used to the band, i guess i will use it for 3 more weeks then purchase a set of dumbells. I feel my back getting a lot stronge. I also decided not to add any cardio to my workout i don't think i want to alter the plan Tony Horton has going on here.

Now let's talk about Ab Ripper X- I can barely do these ab workout without stopping over and over. This is intense and i hate it! I know it works tremendously but WHOA- But the more i try and push- The better i will get.. BLAH

Everyone should do this program is absolutely wonderful...Those asking for pictures- i did take before pictures and plan on taking more on day 30 so stay tuned :)

I absolutely LOVE P90X!!!

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Alison said...

I love leg day!! But, I am still sore after doing it 3 weeks. My husband hung a pipe from the rafters in the basement. Have a good time with kenpo today. I don't do that video it doesn't get my heart rate high enough. But I go to cardiokick instead at the gym.

Nathan said...

I think what you are doing is great and I am glad that you are experiencing such great results with the P90X. There is a coaching option that Beachbody offers. Watch the video at the link below and get back with me on what you think. Good luck with th rest of your workouts and life after P90X!

Nathan McCabe
Independent Beachbody Coach