P90x Day 4- 94 Minutes of YOGA!

OK so never in my life did i ever think i would be doing Yoga- NEVER!  I didn't think i had the patience for it never mind 94 minutes of it- I must want this BAD!

10 minutes into the workout i was bored, i couldn't concentrate one bit because i had to keep looking at the TV to see what the next move was. I almost shut the whole thing off and jumped on my elliptical, but i don't give up that easy. The last 40 minutes made up for the whole YOGA X, the moves were extreme but WOW i never thought one could move the body in such ways. As i sit here i feel so relaxed because yoga works your muscles good. No word of a lie i can't wait to do this again next week, seriously. The more you do this the more flexible you become and i look forward to that.

I burned 320 calories through the whole 94 minutes and toned many muscles in my chest, back, ab legs- I recommend yoga to everyone!!! I am officially a YOGY :)

I need to get to bed, my body is screaming rest..

Goodnight Bloggy friends..

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Braley Mama said...

I hope I am not sounding like a crazy person or rude commenter. I am not a leagalist, we each have different things the holy spirit convicts us in. I know a lot of christians who do yoga. I am just going to tell you why I don't, I am not judging you are thinking you are wrong:O)
The yoga moves were made to worship false gods. I use to do it before I was saved. Maybe that is why I feel weird about it for myself. Anyway, I am sure you know this, but just wanted to let you know why as a christian it is not right FOR ME:O)

Cicero's Wife said...

I'm so glad your 90 days are going so well Jackie!

As for the yoga family and i take all "created for false gods" out of it by simple 1-using it for the EXERCISE of it and 2- praying and communicating with our Lord and Saviour before and after.

The kids have really gotten into it and have even started re-naming some of the poses ie. worship sun is now reach for the Lord, downward dog is now the levite's prayer and warrior is now walk on water. we incorparate the lesson into the naming!

Your doing awesome and welcoming into the fold of "stretching!"

Chrissy said...

My husband did P90X for a while (man it looks HARD) and I saw the yoga moves. I agree with Cicero's Wife, it's exercising and a person can make it what they want.

The same could be said about Christmas and EVERYTHING that goes along with it (the tree, the mistletoe toe, the holly, the's ALL of pagan origin) but we make it what we want to celebrate the way we see fit.

Jessica K. said...

You really need to post some before and after pics again!! Or did I just not find them?

Braley Mama said...

I hope I did not offend any one that was not my intent. Cicero's wife, I like how your kids did that and turned it into praising God.And Chrissy, I see what you mean. I just wanted to inform Jackie, if she did not know already, why people do yoga(not all). We all have things that the spirit leads in each of us.
Sorry if I offended anyone!

Chrissy said...

Well, I'm not offended. I just think this is one of those things that Christians over-analyze. You can't worship a god you don't believe in. You can't pray to one that isn't your god. So doing moves isn't going to make you less of a Christian, and I don't believe it's dishonoring to Him.