P90X Day 3- Shoulders, Arms and Abs

I really enjoy strength training! Almost all the workout on P90X are 60 minutes long- Yoga is 94 minutes and Abs 15- but they don't seem THAT long. Tony Horton is funny in his own cheesy way, he makes the workout light and refreshing.

Unlike yesterday today i din't feel like puking. Tony makes it clear through out the whole DVD that you will build resistence as you go, i'm working through. I don't know if i like to workout with bands that much, i think i will invest on a dumbell set soon. My Abs are burning like never before- Jillian's 30 day shred never did this to me.

What i keep asking myself is if i should add cardio to my workout but i'm afraid i will push my body too much.uhm.. Maybe the days i do strength i can do 30 min of cardio in the morning then P90X Strength training at night- Decisions, Decisions...

As you know i've been thinking about summer and bathing suits; Kasey thanks for the VS idea.. Here's a few of the suits i like.

I like this one in that exact color- I am not a fan of too much cleavage though

This one is SUPER HOT
And this one with straps is a killer!

So what do you think? Share some of your fav bathing suits with me..

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lila.oquin said...

Cute swim suites! I love 'em! My fav is the first, the purple one.
I'd just do the P90X workouts for a week or two before you add on to it just to be safe, but no one knows your body like you do, so maybe you are up for it. Great job!

Alison said...

I want to look like that in my bathing suit! I have a long way to go.

Braley Mama said...

I love the white one, and white makes you look tanner! Keep up the good work!