Excuses, Excuses!

I am so SORE! Is not as bad as the first time i did the shred but I AM SORE!!! Sitting is so painful WHY???

Ok enough whinning

Today i was thinking how i ended up weighing 200 lbs at a point in my life,and all the excuses i came up with not to do the things i needed to do to get fit. Here's a few of them..

  • I will start on Monday

  • I am too tired

  • Not enough time

  • Can't stop eating

  • Whatever

  • This is hard

  • I will never lose weight

  • I'm horrible with diets

  • I am not a exercise person

  • Tomorrow

And get to it :) After a while eating healthy and exercising becomes a lifestyle you enjoy, trust me. The first 30 days are extremely hard but once you've created a habit, you will succeed.

I'm feeling a lot better these days. I find myself spending a lot more time with my husband outside work and kids. We've been going out on dates and enjoying life- stress level is going down THANK GOD..

Thank You Jesus- your ALWAYS on time...

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S.I.F. said...

Hey, I realized I forgot to tell you something! Bloggy Blog Dezigns is having a give away for a blog makeover... I want it really bad, but I suppose I'll give you the heads up since I know you want one too! :)

Cop Mama said...

Ha! Too funny! I too make excuses. I've gotten back into my running schedule and I keep wanting to wimp out. Yesterday I skipped but today I'm making myself!

HD said...

You are so right Jackie! I'm sure I was the queen of excuses.

Now (and I'm not better than anyone!) I hear others making excuses and it makes me chuckle inside. I was that person.

I'm so thankful for finally finding some will power and motivation to stop the excuses and to get moving. As always, you get a huge thank you for helping me!