Shred Again? Yes, day 61

Yes i am starting the Shred again, this will be round 3 for me...There's something about this workout DVD i can't get enough of. I love how each level works different muscles in your body, all the right muscles i must add. For those who emailed me to see some pics of my progress so far, after taking the pics and almost posting them- I backed out. I won't be posting any pictures until i see a drastic difference in my weight and body. Don't get me wrong i am working out and losing weight, i'm simply taking my time at it, i live such a busy life it would be too stressful for me to add weightloss pressure. I will definetly keep you guys updated and working with some of you side by side..

Today i began day 61 of the 30 day shred workout! I'm going to use 5lbs weights for one more week then  increasing them to 8 lbs, this helps to sculpt your muscles and increase your resistance. I weaned my little O about a week ago started the Special K diet, and lost 3 lbs in one week. I like this diet ( I'm a cereal junkie anyways) i find it easy to follow now that i am not breastfeeding. But overall  I LOVE ME SOME SHRED! Oh but no more than i LOVE my elliptical... I'm just full of love for exercise today, uhm maybe because i've not been this weight i am right now in SOOOO long, that i am LOVING it... lol..

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Anonymous said...

Im on the fence about doing this. I have had a sciatic flare up in Jan and still getting over that. I also havent worked out in literally a few YEARS *ugh, that humiliating to admit to*

But, working out is my next step... Im losing weight, eating better, even stopped all soda intake.

Can you tell Im trying to talk myself into this? LOL

HD said...

I'm in! Let's go! Who else is joining us on this journey?

gurl0411 said...

I started the 30 day shred the 1st of Feb. good luck on round 3:)

Alison said...

Check out Hal Higdon website. He makes running a 5K look easy. We just starting doing his 8 week plan.