P90X Day 22- Can Women Do P90X?

Today's workout was so good..(yells a loud HOORAH) I was supposed to do Core Synergistic but instead i did Kenpo X- You know the Kickboxing style workout. I will do core tomorrow. I know all the moves and work them out to the max (GO ME).

So many ladies wonder if P90X is something they can do, and to answer that question i want you to meet Nancy, a 51 yr old mom who after suffering a few accidents was told she should not do more than a occasional walk.

Isn't she amazing? I've been at it for 22 days now, I never worked out in my life prior to the Shred mainly because i never paid attention to working out. I'm paying attention now and living a better happier life. P90X is not a beat you till you bleed workout, is not as hard you think. Of course if you have not done something in a long time or ever you might start off a bit shaky, but once you get the hang of things you will see how GREAT it is. Yoga especially, has been my favorite. I'm so flexible and my body aches are gone.

So the next time someone asks you, can women do P90X, tell them about Nancy then come back here and show them my upcoming 90 days progress :)

Walk with me...

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harmonysong said...

Totally impressed with you-day 22!! WOOHOO!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Mommy Glow said...

love this post. you def gave me inspiration that i can succeed with this program and that i shouldnt afraid...but i still am a little.