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There's been a few thing going on around here lately some good, others not so good... Let me start with the good :)

It's birthday week in my home, my BIG boy turned 9 the 14Th and, and, you ready for this---MY BIG GIRL TURNED 13 TODAY!!! She's a- a- a- TEENAGER! I have no words to say- I'm officially the mother of a TEENAGER... YIKES! Thank you God for my children, Thank you for their health, strength and protection... THANK YOU..

Last weekend it rained for 3 days straight NON STOP- it was crazy! Due to the rain my basement got flooded pretty bad, everything i had there is gone. My boiler was off for a night or 2 and my hot water heater is still not on, so you can imagine me heating hot water for everything around here (honey I'm getting a bit upset about that already, please handle this situation PRONTO- Love you sweety :P)

Now don't get me wrong I'm so upset this happened but in a way i feel liberated from all the junk i had "stored" down there, and - you won't believe- my hubby is building me a gym with all the space we have available now after everything got crazy wet. So that I'm very grateful for

(this is NOT a actual photo of my basement, i was not bright enought to take some)

Today i'm sad because i will never experience this again

You see, the thought of not having anymore kids is liberating in so many ways but it also brings this sudden sadness. I won't ever experience a pregnancy or caress my own newborn baby again..(i love the smell of a brand new babies)- Next month i'm going to get the all time procedure done- yup- i'm ceiling the deal and  i pray that the Lord continues to give me peace, take all sadness from my heart  and continue to bless me with many more years to spend with the 4 beautiful gift He's given me :)

The ride has been fun...On to the Next step

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Alma said...

Happy Birthday to you kiddos! It's hard to believe you're mom to a teen!

Anonymous said...

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