P90X Day 23-26- I'm Grooving!

My way to a healthy lifestyle...

I am so proud of the way i been eating lately, it does not even feel as if I'm dieting or depriving myself of food because i want to make conscious and healthy choices for my body. I think when people introduce the word diet in their life they ultimately fail because they do it not to gain weight or loose, instead of doing it to live a healthy life.

Everywhere i go i bring my bottle of water and snacks, this helps me stay in check if i get hungry while i'm out. I told you guys this week was recovery week for me-Recovery week is important so your muscles take a break, recover and grow bigger. Intense weight-training puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body, and it is not just your muscles that are affected. The entire neuromuscular system, as well as immune function is stressed by weight-training so a week of rest every month is ideal. That's why i focused more on cardio workout this week.

Day 23 -Core Synergistic-- Truth is i didn't enjoy this workout at all. I should of because is great for your abs and much more yet i did about half hour of it and quit (fair to say i had a little accident that day, i drank 2 Advil PM by mistake which really messed my day) I haven't tried it again but will tomorrow. UGH
Day 24-I did Abs Ripper X and walked for 20 minutes. I was tired so i kept it light

Day 25- Cardio X- This was not on my schedule for this recovery week but i didn't want to do Core Synergistic. I like this workout a lot. It starts with Yoga, then some Kenpo X, Plyometrics and Core to make you sweat up a storm. I really enjoyed it mostly because it was short and sweet.

Day 26- Cardio X AGAIN- I had to do this workout again tonight because after going laser tagging with my daughter and her friends i was beat (i think i shredded  calories after 15 minutes of running in a sauna) When i got home i didn't know how i was going to fir today's workout, so i put on my workout clothes, shook the tiredness off and got my mind to work with my body and i completed this 43 min workout.


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HD said...

Great job Jackie!
I saw an infomercial for P90X and thought of you! If I could afford it, I might join you on this journey too. I might scope out Craigslist or something for a used and now unused version (o:

Keep up the great work!

Angelia Sims said...

That's awesome!! It makes me want to workout too. You are doing so well. Congrats! I can see you are on the road to success.

Stopping by from MBC FFF. :-)

The Awesometeer said...

Hey I am starting the program next week. Are you doing classic or lean? How much are you sticking to the plan?

Shelby said...

following form FFF... great looking site... good job on the weight loss.