P90X Day 12- Some tips..

Today was supposed to be a day off for me from P90X but i skipped Friday, and now need to make up for it. I worked legs, back and abs.

My husband and I were looking at pictures of this past summer, and oh my goodness i can't believe how i looked. The funny thing is that i seriously didn't notice i was THAT big and my husband couldn't  help himself his words "babe wow how did i let you get like that" yea thanks honey you should of done an intervention or something, but I'm glad i saw the pics reminds me where i was and to push harder to where I'm headed. You know what happens when you workout as hard as I've been working, your mind automatically starts matching up to your body. Before you eat that cheeseburger and fries you remember the 94 minutes of yoga and everything falls in place.

Last Monday, i purchased a week worth of fruits which have been so good because any time i feel hungry or  crave something sweet is always good to have them handy to do the job. Weight Loss is so much easier when you have everything you need handy- make sure you shop weekly for all your daily meals.

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