P90x Day 10 & 11- It's a Celebration

I did it people, I did it!!! I changed my blog look ALL-BY-MYSELF, this calls for a "I did it dance" WOOO WHOOO... All you ladies at the Blog Frog know how bad i wanted a new look around here, and with a little determination and 2 days of trying- I finally found a design I'm comfortable with for now. YAY!

OK moving on to some P90X update- On Thursday i did the WHOLE 94 minutes of Yoga, of course there where some moves i didn't even dare to do but i stuck through and tried. I LOVE YOGA X- really i do, if you knew how good yoga is then you understand where I'm coming from. After the 94 minutes of workout i was BEAT but oh so relaxed. I took yesterday off because my body was screaming for some down time, but today i was at it again. I did Kenpo X today with my 2 boys- they were having fun punching, kicking and of course yelling along with Tony Horton. Because i missed Friday's workout i will have to work on legs, back and abs tomorrow.

I feel so much stronger and happy. My back looks great i'm losing inches P90X people Get with it!

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HD said...

Great blog makeover! And you're rockin' the P90X, great job Jackie!

Braley Mama said...

Great job mama! On both the workout and the blog! Keep up the great work. God bless you!!!

melanie said...

So I just happened across your blogfrog post and I love the design. Way to go! Also, I found a ton of common ground with the Shred and P90X. I have done all three of Jillian's dvds and have been thinking about P90X. Knowing that a "real" person can do this is so comforting. I was afraid I was going to get in over my head. Do you have any recommendations for me? Also, how long are the individual workouts?

gurl0411 said...

congrats on the p90x and your page looks great!