P90X Day 9- Let me show you what i bought today!

Today i worked on my shoulders, arms and of course my ABS! Once again I hate Ab Ripper X is so hard.

OK so today i went out to buy some exercise equipments and meal replacement. I wanted to buy a set of dumbbells but my husband suggested i didn't, he said he does not want a bodybuilder for a wife (go figure) I don't want to be a bodybuilder either dude! So instead i bought a heavy duty resistance band that does the job too. I bought it at target for $20 bucks- it's pretty good, this is how it looks.
I also bought a meal replacement shake from Jillian Michaels that i found at Walmart for only $11.95- I've been looking for something like this since sometimes is hard for me to constantly make something to eat and with this workout i have to EAT small meals through out the day to get my metabolism running and burn fat.
I bought Vanilla and Chocolate flavor and made the vanilla one for lunch, it taste pretty good i can get used to this.

I also visit to chat with other people who are also doing P90X- You can also see before and after photos of real people with REAL results...

OK i'm off for now- going to amazon to buy some books- any suggestions?

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Braley Mama said...

I have always wanted a good stretch band, but never actually bought it. let me know how it is,please?
Thanks for sharing about the drinks, that is a great price!