P90X Day 15-17...Question & Answers

Many of you have emailed with questions about the P90X workout program. Even though I'm not a fitness expert- Just a simple mom trying hard to lose the extra pounds through various methods. Last month i completed 61 days of Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred with good results, but need to switch things up a bit and that's when i met Tony Horton of creator of P90X.

I've been doing this workout for 17 days now, this is a 90 days plan that promises amazing results if you follow the workout program and a healthy diet. So far I've been doing great with it-  I Lost 3lbs, a inch off my chest, my back is getting a lot stronger and toned. I can do twenty push ups without stopping (that is seriously impressive because i couldn't even do one) Yoga is helping me a lot with balance and stress, i absolutely love it..

On to Question and Answers;

First you will need Tony Horton complete program P90X

1. Does P90X really work?
 (i got this answer over HERE, i agree with him 100%- He just explained it better than i would)

Yes! I believe there are 3 main factors that makes P90X work:

Muscle Confusion: The schedule is 3 weeks balls to the walls exercises with specific routines and then followed by 1 recovery week (mainly core, cardio and stretches)This goes on for 3 months total. Each month the types of exercises changes so you don't plateau.

Diverse Exercises: This program gets rid of the boredom of just going to the gym day in day out or doing aerobics for 60 minutes every day(blah!). You have chest and back one day, then Plyometrics, Kenpo and then there's yoga, yes yoga! I would have never in a million years ever say I do yoga. Yoga is probably one of my favorite exercises in this program. I believe I sweat the MOST doing yoga X compared to any other routine. You also feel very relaxed at the end.

Efficiency: You get 1+ hour of solid sweating, m

uscle pumping, fat burning, cardio and muscle toning routines. There is very little rest during the routines, which is the right way to workout (unless you want to bulk up). If you go to the gym, count on 10 to 30 min of driving , 15 min of socializing, 20 min total of resting between exercises which equals to about 30 min of actually "exercising" lol.

What Equipments do i need to begin?

"The only equipment that you're going to need for P90X is a set of free weights or resistance bands. Now, either and both of these can be replaced with a set of Power Bands. There are other odds and ends your encouraged to use, such as a heart rate monitor and a yoga mat, you don't need them to get started but i encourage you to buy them in the future. I didn't buy a pull up bar because i don't have a place to install it.

You can buy these online- i bought mine at Target and Walmart :)

How long are the workouts?

Aside from Abs Ripper X which is 15minutes long and Yoga which is 94 minutes- The DVD workout I've done so fat are 60 minutes long... Trust me they go by fast-th

e workout is fun (some days)

How do you make time to workout everyday?
With each program i made the commitment to not only complete it but to make it my daily priority. Each day after making sure my family has everything they need i jump right on to workout. Out of the 14 hours i spend awake - 1 hour to workout can't be that hard to pull off- bottom line it's all about how bad you want it :)

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