P90X Day 18-21 Recovery week is here...

Today is day 20 of my P90X journey and it's also recovery week for me. This week i will be doing less strength training and more cardio and Yoga.

  • Day 18 Legs, back and Abs-- I'm a total strength training addict- this is one of the workout i look forward to. At first i was not all that crazy about the legs part of the workout but they work so good on my legs is all worth the pain.
  • Day 19 Kenpo X--The first time i did this workout i didn't enjoy it because i was too busy trying to learn the moves, which cause a lot of frustration. I can now say is one of my fave. I love kickboxing makes me feel like a total tough girl :)
  • Day 20 X Stretch or Rest-- Of course i chose rest..
  • Day 21 Yoga X-- This is my recovery week first workout .. I'm so much better at yoga because i know the moves a lot better and don't have to be with my mind all over the place trying to figure out what's next. I'm more flexible and my balance is right on too.
This week i will concentrate on my diet and cardio. My goal is to loose at least 4lbs..Let me start by cleaning up my house a little. My big boy turned 9 this week and had a sleep over with some of his cousins and friends, so you can imagine what a house with 5 boys can look like..

Today they finish building the kitchen at our restaurant, I'm super excite about that. It's been a LONG ride but the finish line is right at the door, i can already taste it. We are opening a Wings Restaurant- 28 different flavor bone & boneless WINGS.. YUMMM  Oh wait i said i would be concentrating on my diet this week and thinking about wings does NOT help a bit..

Have a Blessed day Y'All

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