P90X Day13 & 14- I shed tears

Yesterday i worked on my Chest, arms and back. I really struggled to stay afloat through the workout because i felt nauseous, but i did it.

Today, I did not want to workout i even shed some tears. I don't need to tell anyone how hard working out everyday is, I'm sure you can imagine. I've been dealing with some crazy headaches the past few days that made workout not so fun. This afternoon i am feeling a little better and look forward to working on my abs tonight to make up for doing a horrible job at it yesterday. My friends you must know that this ab program has at least 320 moves, is not a joke.

I'm really enjoying the Jillian Michaels shakes, they are so handy for on the go breakfast or lunch. I need to drink A lot more water though, I've been slacking on that.

Until next workout my dear reader.

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