Day 18 of the Shred, small set back

Guess what!

I had to take yesterday off from the shred (yes i cried, whined, stomped you name it) On Wednesday night, i had some CRAZY pain on BOTH of my knees, and my husband demanded that i let them rest for a day. And of course like a good wife i obeyed *cough* *cough*

I have to admit it was a good call because today i feel a lot better and was able to kick day 18 OUT OF HERE...

For those who are struggling a bit due to knee pain, i suggest one day of rest, pain killers and rubbing ointment like Icy/hot..

20 Days update pics will be posted on Sunday WOOO WHOO (NOT)..

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Kate said...

You go girl!

I actually asked for this for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Jennifer's community and I have started back on the the shred. Though I'm not doing it daily, I love to come here and read that you are still sticking to it. It's very motivating!!! I could see the difference in the pics you post and can't wait to see more!

I was wondering what are you doing for dieting? I'm not very motivated in that area yet. Like you, I have had four kids so I have almost 50lb. (gasp...breath!!) to loose!!
Any tips on what your eating or not eating would be helpful.

Keep up the awesome work and hope your knee gets better soon!!

Jackiedlc said...

Hey Laura thanks for following my progress...

Before i started the shred i didn't plan on changing the way i eat. But i started seeing results just days after I started this workout, so i decided to reduce portions of everything i eat. I also don't skip a meal and eat yogurt and fruits for snacks.

I don't eat fried food, or mcdonalds and so on. I say eat in moderation and you should be just fine...

Oh and i have 40lb to loose soo don't feel that bad... and the great thing is we've begun the journey..

Thanks for your comment Laura, come back whenever you have a question or need encouragement..

God Bless