Day 16 of the Shred, i am frustrated!

Yes, my knee is still not cooperating.

Level 2 is such a PAIN, i hate it. People this workout really works, but it also wears you out :(

I am able to do level 2 without almost dying, all because i know that if i don't do it right i only cheat myself.

Oh i can do a FULL pushups! that is SUPER :)

Today i am just frustrated ugh.. the only fun thing is i have

14 days to go

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Jen said...

sorry to hear about your knee...I am SO tempted to try this workout, but last time I did some firm DVDs my knee bothered me. UGH...silly knees. Good luck

Anonymous said...

2 more weeks to gooooooooooo ....yeahhhhhh

Jackiedlc said...

YES!!! 2 more :)

Jen is a great workout, but i guess i was pushing myself a little too much when i started level 2 and resulted with my right knee either hurt or very sore, i am not sure what is going to.. It won't hold me down though..

I have 3 months to loose 40 pounds and i WILL do it :)

Margie Widgeon said...

if its any inspiration Im shredding on the down low (LOL)) Im on day six inspired by you...Im not bold enough to post pics but I must say Im feeling so much stronger already.....keep it up cause you are keeping me going...

thanks so much!

Melanie said...

Way to go! I cannot do a push up. I am lucky if I can even do a sit up. lol!

Jackiedlc said...

Oh Melanie sit ups is another story, but they got better as well :) I used to feel i was going to throw up everytime i did them.. yuck..lol.. Now i LOVE them. Yes weird i do..

Margie, you don't even know how excited i get when people tell me they are going to start doing this workout, i even get more happy when they stick with it, because it surely helps you kick start your weigthloss journey..

Hit me up anytime you want :)