Day 15 of the Shred, Half way down

The finish line.

Can you believe I've been working out for 15 days in a row? I can't. One thing i do know and learned from this, i can do anything i put my mind and will power to. I had my last baby 7 months ago, and through the whole pregnancy i thought, i can't wait until i am done with this pregnancy so i can get in shape. And then after i had my little and the six weeks came and go, i kept saying OK next Monday i will start, every week i would do the same thing. I worked out for months on my elliptical only maintaining the weight i had and loosing nothing, because i didn't change my eating habit (truth is my mind was not in it).

After reading about this 30 day Shred and seeing some before and after results i decided what the heck, let me see id this really works. I also wanted to have someone holding me accountable on this, and i decided to log in daily to my blog and at the blog frog communities (after all my blog readers mean a lot to me and i do not want to let you guys down) Of course i am doing this for me, but i also want to show other SAHM'S we can loose weight right from home without spending hours at the gym.
Today, i woke up with the same pain on my right knee, i know is nothing big, but it hurts. I moderated my workout today, it was not what i wanted at all- this will do until further notice. I feel great and even thought my weight is not drastically going down, i am loosing inches everywhere, which is best. Level 2 is becoming more and more bareable, and is not this big monster anymore.
15 more days to goooo

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Cop Mama said...

Congrats on making it to the half way mark! That's awesome.

I totally know what you mean about getting in shape after baby. My youngest is 1 1/2 and I still have 5 more pounds to go.

Oh, and cute idea with the letters :-)

Brianne said...

Wow good for you!! So impressive. I truly need to start working out to get in shape.