Day 14 of the Shred, and we have a WINNER!!!

Woooo Whooo Congratulations to Michelle from The gospel centered life, you are the winner of the 30 day Shred workout DVD. Congratulation and i hope you enjoy it as much as i have :)

To all who entered, thanks so much and stay tuned for more Shred giveaways soon.

On to day 14 update... Sadly my knee is hurting like crazy! I am not sure why, but i am going to continue my workout, just not as intense for a couple of days. I woke up crying like crazy today, my husband was scared, he thought something was badly wrong. He asked me what's wrong and all i managed to say was " i don't care if i am hurt, i am going to pull through" I was so disappointed. But i prayed about it and the show must go on...

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Cop Mama said...

Now that's dedication! Just don't over do it. I had a knee injury once and it was all because I didn't listen to my body.

Michelle said...

YES!! I have to do it! OH NO!!

Thanks, Jackie! Can't wait to do my own before and after pics!!

Michelle said...

I can'y find your can email me at thegospelcenteredlife at gmail dot com.

Thanks again!! (I think...)

Hen Jen said...

I hope your knee heals up! You are inspiring me, I'm going to start my shred tomorrow:)