I need to open my shades!

I woke up today with an unexplainable headache. I took 2 Motrin which usually takes it away but nothing.I am still in my pajamas and is 3pm. My shades are all closed and i am in my room with my laptop while my kids watch TV and play video games, yes is ALL they've been doing all day. I read my devotional today at noon something i do the minute i get up but today i am in the dark. I look back at last week and all the great things we were able to accomplish at our church and in my personal life the people i was able to minister, but today i need a time out.

I've never been a person who shuts down i am constantly going and going, but today i can't even move. To be truthful i don't even feel like praying, i don't want to hear anything i just want to SHUT DOWN... Is it healthy No..Is it what God wants for me, of course not, but i can't pick up my cross and walk today..

I think i should go and take my kids for a walk fresh air is always a good.

This too shall pass, i guess with all the run around i do all day sometimes our body just shuts down..

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Wendy said...

I think we have all had days like this. I know I feel terrible when I have those days but sometimes I think we just need to let ourselves do it. I always feel better later!

Prayers heading your way!

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks a BUNCH Wendy... I actually got out and enjoyed half of the day with my little ones.. they make me smile :)