Opened Shades

As i sit here with my coffee, laptop, and Bible (three of my favorite things) i am thankful to be able to dust myself off and try again. Today i am determined to open the shades and let the sun shine down on me (if it was actually out, my friend said it smells like snow in the air) After my whole shut down yesterday, i was able to shut the noise in my head, listen to God, who encouraged me to get up and walk. I got up, unfortunately we didn't make it out the door like i wanted, but i walked. Instead, we put some praise and worship, and chilled together for the rest of the day.

Today, as soon as i woke up i thanked God for the day, and declared it to be a blessed and productive one. I figured, it was OK to shut down for half of yesterday's day, but it's unacceptable to let it spill over, for i must believe and if i believe i must also live victorious. I listened to a song today that said "without pain there is no winner. There is a prize for everything for which you have to fight, even if you fall. For what matters if you win a easy race without inner victory". I am filled with tears because i believe, LORD i BELIEVE, NOW HELP ME LIVE. And the song continues " Yes i know, sometimes we have to be beaten to be able to grow and gain a little more wisdom, because there wouldn't be a way to manage what's to come. And even if the pain at that time is so painful, God will not leave us there more than what we can handle" PRAISE HIM...

Are you ready to have a Victorious day?

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My Heart said...

Good for you! Sometimes we will be knocked down but, we can't let ourselves be beaten.

No weapon formed against us shall propser, right?

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Naomi said...

I loved reading your blog! You ROCK!

Alison said...

"but it's unacceptable to let it spill over" -this is such a good reminder to us all!
Yesterday is already in the past, it's time to live victoriously today!