Day 9 of the Shred, Aint not stopping me now

I am on the loose...

I am shooting you guys a quick update.. Day 9 is completed. My endurance is super! I am able to finish through the whole workout without dying like i did when i started.

Tomorrow is my last day of level 1, graduation day for me. You know what else, Pictures pictures! I will update you guys with some before and after pics.

God Bless y'all.. Got to gooooooo :)

21 days to goooooooo

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

that is so awesome! You are motivating me to get back into the shred! Great job, keep it up- it will be so awesome to see the pictures!

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks girl!! you should def try it! is not easy but soo worth it! i am feeling GREAT!