Day 8 of the Shred, Go mommy GOOO

That is how my little ones cheered me on today! There so proud of their momma :)

I am so grateful to have found this exercise program! Not only is it only 20 minutes of intense workout, but it delivers results really fast. My endurance is right on! I have to admit i am getting bored of the same routine, but 2 more days and i graduate to level 2 (oh Lord what am i asking for).

I need to finish these 22 days i have left for several reasons. First for ME, i want to loose some pounds and feel great. Second i want to show my daughter who is 12 something about staying consistently consistent. And of course for YOU, my followers :)

I wish you could understand how hard it is for me to not only stick to a workout, but to actually squeeze one in everyday. Is a sacrifice i am willing to make for 30 days, and i will, i will finish victorious.

Ladies don't be like this lady right here !!!

You can do it!!! Remember to visit my community for all things shred:

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Sharon said...

It's great to have cheerleaders! I love when we are riding bikes and I can hear my daughter behind me "Go mommy, go mommy, go mommy" (Her bike is attached to my bike so I in essence pull her along even though she does peddle).

I have the same problem making a commitment to exercising and sticking with it. I will pray that you are able to dig down deep and find the strength and commitment to keep with this program you are on now!

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

You go girl! Consistency is such a blessing and such a challenge. When you can stick to it in anything it always brings rewards it is just the sticking to it part that is hard :P I am praying for you to keep going. I am glad you have a cheer squad at home.

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks Girls! I love the support, just a while ago i was asking myself, how in the world am i going to stay on this path! And through prayer i should be able to overcome :)

Thank you again, all your comments keep me going!!

Jamie H said...

I'm still here! You are going to beat me on this one. I had to take a break from The Shred today and probably tomorrow. My knees hurt too bad :( I've done 8 days so far too! I don't want to take a break but I don't want to hurt my knees. Keep up your good work and don't take a break like me!