30 day Shred- DAY 1

So I've decided to start the 30 day Shred by
Jillians Michaels. Today November 9 is my first day. I've added my before pic to this post just so you can get a idea where my starting point is. I will update you with a picture every week, so you can see my progress(really so i have someone holding me accountable on this) Here i goooooo...

My starting weight is 181 pounds.. Here's how i look on DAY 1..

My friends and family will definitely think I've gone crazy for this

Day 1-- So far so good-20 minutes completed bring on the soreness-- I AM HURTING BAD!!!!! JILLIAN YOU MEANY OUCH! :)

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Cori Lynn said...

Good Luck on your 30 day shred!! :)

MannMom3 said...

You can do it Jackie!!!

Naomi said...

Good luck!! tHanks for adding me to your prayer list!! I need all the prayer I can recieve!!! Be blessed today!

My Heart said...

Ok, I will monitor your soreness level to see if this is something I can bring myself to do!

You can do eet!