Day 12 of the Shred, Level 2 is

Extreme but promising.

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I had my game face on today, which helped me get through the entire 20 minutes, stronger than yesterday. I then jumped on my elliptical for another 20 minutes (is all i had left after Jillian's level 2 madness) Yesterday i felt horrible, sore, tired annoyed. All afternoon i thought about how i was going to get through level 2, and then level 3. But, i keep seeing amazing results for all this hard work, and it keep me moving towards my goal.

This workout really works if you stick with it! I love that i don't have to leave my home for a extreme workout with extreme results. If you have a exercise machine at home, put it to use. I mean is not there for nothing!

I thank God i learned how to end this over weight madness! I AM GOING TO REACH MY GOAL NO MATTER WHAT!!!

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Kasey said...

I love seeing your results! your kickin butt! I have the shred too, but i'll admit that i haven't been doing it lately. Now that i've seen your results, it makes me want to get back to doing it! My problem is the way that I eat. It's not very healthy, how are you eating? What do you eat?

Anonymous said...

i had to share...I first saw your post on MckMama & thought NO WAY could i ever do that! & Guess what, you have inspired me- I'm on day 3 (just completed my workout)
& i'm on a private message board & 7 of us there started this week..

Jackiedlc said...

SO so so Exciting to hear this!!! I know first hand how GREAT this workout is. Try as hard as you can to stick to it DAILY! This is a great jump start to reaching your Goal!

I am here for any questions/encouragement you guys have!!! I LOVE IT!!

Kasey i left you a comment on your blog, but i will post here for those who wonder what i eat.

I don't do the fry food or mcdonalds.. BUt everything else i eat in portions.. I drink LOTS of water and that's it.. No over eating and no skipping meals!!!


Anonymous said...

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