And on Day 7 of the Shred...

She was at it again.

WOW, i worked out for seven days straight! I am proud...

I find myself knowing exactly what Jillian will say next, and she does not annoy me at all anymore. (i know that will change in level 2)I should be all set for next week, Thursday i start level 2, and Endurance is A LOT better. I can almost do a complete push up, can you believe!

I can't believe the changes i am already seeing in my body, that is what's keeping me motivated. And of course ALL you guys :) Thanks a bunch for your great comments..

Guess what! when i started this workout, i didn't plan on changing my eating habits just reduce portions, but as soon as i started seeing the way my body was changing i became very cautious of everything that went into my mouth. I eat 3 meals a day and snack in between, i don't feel as if i am being deprived of the food i like :)

23 more days of shredding! I AM PUMPED!

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Six divided by two..... said...

You go gurl!! That is awesome!! Thank you for your spectacular comment on my blog. Just one thing.. and I get this alot.. but I am not a Latina. I'm sorry. But I loooove the food. I am actually African-American. If you liked my blog you will love my twin sis- Six in one hand. Have a blessed week