Day 6 of the Shred, and i am speechless!

I am.

I just want you guys to know that I've never worked out so hard in my life. No, i have not! Is 5:38 pm, i been home all day, and now is when i am able to workout because i was having some serious mental battle. I did not want to workout today at all! I was laying on my bed about to cry, that's how bad i was trying to escape from this. I started praying, yes i did. Why? because i pray for everything else in my life i struggles with, why not for this. I prayed, dressed myself with my workout clothes, and off i went.

In my mind all i kept reminding myself was, "i am not a quiter, i can do this" I pushed myself harder then all other days. I entered a zone i was not going to allow anyone get me out of. I finished hard, and tomorrow i will be at it again.

Stay encouraged ladies, we want this bad right? is going to take all of you, but one thing i want you all to remember, pray. Yes, God will help you through it.

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Cop Mama said...

Just stopped by and thought I would let you know I like the Jordin Sparks song you have for your blog...oh, and fitting title :-)