Day 4 of the Shred and I Feel Great!

Let me start with the not so cool part of today's workout. I was super, super tired. My tolerance level is better, but my muscles hurt like crazy. I was being very sluggish through the entire 20 min, could of been because of the 25 minutes i started with on my elliptical. I am happy i got day 4 out of the way though.

Now on to the good stuff (Yes there's actually good in all this, you know that) I am already seeing results from all this hard work and pain. My jeans are fitting looser, my chest is smaller (just a bit, i am still exclusively breastfeeding) My arms are tightening up and my butt or glute which ever sounds better to you, is a bit more firm :P

I know this workout is a bit intense, especially for those who are not fit. I really suggest you please stick to it, i know the end results will be rewarding. If you feel like you can't go on slow down, but DON'T QUIT! I mean seriously is only 20 minutes of your day, how hard can that be.

I want to take some good before pictures, but i am scared! i don't dare to.. I hate to put my imperfections out there like that (HA who those) I am working on it. Maybe tomorrow- i will give you some good before pictures, and in 10 more days i will show you my progress..

Come on Shred Divas, we can do this!!!

THIS JUST IN; i added this note after--- I've lost 1 1/2 pounds in 4 days, i can't fully credit the shred because i also do cardio on my elliptical, but the shred helped me out of this plateau i was in.. Hoooray for the shred!!

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My Heart said...

Good for you! How fantastic. You must feel great and proud even if your body is screaming at you a bit...God bless and continued success!

Cori Lynn said...

Way to go!!! Only 26 days left!! :)

Jackiedlc said...

THANKS GIRLS!! I appreciate your words soooo Much!!

May God bless you ..

GranolaMom4God said...

That is awesome! i just got the shred video from NetFlix this week!You have given me courage to do it daily and take the challenge! Oh, I wanted to let you know that I go the second part of my blog post up at Healthy Moms that you commented on a few weeks back. Here it is:

My √úberjoy.... said...

I've been doing the shred since June. I have 3 boys and my baby is almost 1 year. This video series has revolutionized my working out. I use to go to the gym. I have no time anymore. I have never been more toned, my stomach still needs some help. I haven't lost that much weight but I am back in a size 6. Just to encourage you to keep doing it! Once you get through it I just rotate the workouts through out the weeks. You can add in weights to work out one just to make it a little more tough. Just wanted to comment to let you know it does work!

Jackiedlc said...

WOW girls THANKS soooo much for all your awesome comments!

Granola mom I am excited for you! come check out my community at the blog frog for encouragement/questions!! WE CAN DO IT!!

My Uberjoy! Thanks sooo much for taking the time to write this awesome comment of encoruagement.. i really appreciate and will definetly complete the 30 days and more :) THANKS A BUNCH