Thoughts of a Restless mind!

At night i can't sleep, i toss and turn (remember that song?)

I am tired, yet i can't sleep. I have this weird feeling in my heart, which i can't put my finger on. I am thinking but i can't stick to one specific thought! Actually i am crying right now, and don't know why. Yes, i don't know why! I just want to creep into my father's arms and sob. Sleep, as He caress my hair and whisper in my ear "I am here, I love you". All i want is Him...

I have such beautiful kids and a great husband, who works hard to provide for our family. I am not complaining. I just feel weird. Maybe i am just so sore and tired that my body is in shock. Ugh!

Today, I went pass my old neighborhood (where i lived previous to where i am now) I drove by an old neighbor's house, stopped in front of their home for a minute or two. About 3 1/2 years ago, on a hot summer morning the man of that house was fixing his roof. And as he fixed his roof, i fixed my family breakfast when all a sudden i hear someone yelling really loud. i ran towards the window only to see people running out the house, my neighbor had fallen from the roof, head first. I woke my husband, and said "you need to get up now and go help" He didn't even ask any questions, put on his clothes as fast as he could and ran out the door.

I brought my then 3 kids to my mother-in-laws house (who lived downstairs from us) and ran to see how i could help. I saw my husband on the floor holding the man's hand, telling him "do you hear me, try to stay awake" the man would not move, as blood gushed from his head. My husband did not leave his side. He looked around thinking what am i going to do, this man is dying.(of course we were waiting for an ambulance at the moment as well) All a sudden my husband yells the man's name "Edward, i need for you to listen to these important words i am going to say, Edward hear me. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?" Edward nods head "yes" and dies. No, i am not writing you a movie script, this is real. Amazing right! the Lord allowed him to hear those words, and Edward right then and there made his decision. Glory be to God Almighty.

So today, as i stood in my car looking into the driveway where Edward took his last breath, I also made a decision. I will sing of his love forever, i will live a life that reflects God's image. I will try to think as quick as my husband did, and ask the question, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour? as many time the Lord directs me to ask. How many precious chances doesn't our God give us to talk to others of His grace. Let's not spare a life.

I think i've just found some peace.. God night ya'll

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Cop Mama said...

Oh my goodness, what a story. In my profession, I've seen people die in front of me. That's amazing your husband had the presence of mind to Witness to him right at that moment. Sad but incredible.

Jackiedlc said...

Thanks for stopping by- Yes, it was something that change the way we see life- and to never pass the opportunity of speaking to someone about our heavenly Father :)